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Tight and Lopsided Skin Flap Reconstruction Results

I had basal cell carcinoma on my nose, and I had Mohs surgery to remove it. The following day, I had plastic surgery to close it up. The plastic... READ MORE

Waiting Too Long for Mohs Surgery?

I have just been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma on my scalp. The best Mohs Surgery plastic surgeon in my area can't see me until October... READ MORE

How Well Do Skin Grafts Match From Inner Ear to Nose?

I will be having Mohs surgery next week, for two basal cell areas on the right side of my nose. I have fair skin that tends to be reddish on my face... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Alleviate the Itching from Aldara After MOHS Surgery?

I have had two MOHS surgeries and have been prescribed aldara for use 3x per week all over the face. Unfortunately, I also have rosacea. I am not... READ MORE

Going on a Holiday After Mohs Surgery?

I have a suspected BCC on my eyelid which was wrongly diagnosed as a recurrent infection. It bleeds occasionally. I am seeing a specialist in three... READ MORE

I Had Mohs Surgery on Lower Leg. When is It Safe to Swim?

I had surgery yesterday to remove squamous cell (about the size of a nickle. I have three inside stitches, and a bandage that will be changed every 4... READ MORE

Should the Surgeon Also Be the Pathologist for MOHS Surgery?

I was just diagnozed with BCC and MOHS Surgery has been recommended. I am a self pay patient and the Dematologist stated that there will be a... READ MORE

Mohs Surgery Best for Removing DFSP?

Is Mohs surgery the best option or the gold standard for re-excision of a rather small (2x2x2 cm at primary removal) DFSP on the back? READ MORE

Are All Mohs Surgeon Qualified to Deal with DFSP Tumor?

Who is the most qualified MOHS surgeon that can deal with DFSP (Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberan) on the face? Hi, I had a MOHS surgery on my face to... READ MORE

Small nodular BCC on nasal ala. If I get a skin flap, what can I expect the wound to look like 4 weeks after?

If I get a skin flap, what can I expect the wound to look like 4 weeks after? I am starting a new job and really would like recovery to be well... READ MORE

2 weeks post op Mohs on Scalp, why does the skin die? Will I have problems later?

It looks like a whole at the top of incision, and white skin that has died, Why does the skin die and will i have problems later? READ MORE

Lump after Mohs surgery, will it flatten? (Photo)

My concern is the lump on my nose above the skin flap. Is it still going to flatten? I know it's too early to tell but I want to know what I can do or... READ MORE

I have a bump on skull after skin flap surgery. Is this normal?

I had skin flap surgery for skin cancer on my nostril about 10 months ago. The flap was cut from my forehead and attached to my nostril for about a... READ MORE

I had a split skin thickness graft to my right lower leg in 2011. Will it heal (6 years now) without surgery?

I had a graft, was told that a piece did not take. It has been a number of years now since the surgery. I am on antibiotics, it has never healed. Will... READ MORE

How long does it take skin to close and heal..? (photos)

Final op was done today..had basal cancer removed..and closed with a skin flap..just wanted to long wul hole take to heal..and is the wound... READ MORE

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