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I have basal cell carcinoma on the tip of my nose. I am getting married in 3 months, can I wait until after my wedding?

My doctor says that I won't have scarring by the time of my wedding but I am concerned about this. There is really no way to know how deep the hole... READ MORE

What Type of Repair Is Used After Mohs Surgery According to Size of Defect?

What different forms of reconstructive surgery are performed for different size defects after mohs surgery? I have a BCC on my nose and will not know... READ MORE

Can I use liquid bandage over stitches on my face after Mohs Surgery? (photo)

I had Mohs Surgery 2 days ago on my upper lip area. I received stitches & I was told to keep the area moist with Vaseline & covered to prevent... READ MORE

What Causes a Pincushion Scar in Flap Surgery and What Are the Options for Repairing It?

Five weeks ago I had a large skin cancer removed from my temple next to my eye using a flap repair. A pincushion scar has resulted and a friend who is... READ MORE

Mohs Vs Electrodessication & Curretage for Recurrent Bcc?

Had a lesion removed from left temple area. Dx was bcc. Recurred ~ 8 months later but smaller-about 5mm diameter. 2 schools of thought: 1. because... READ MORE

I have two basal cells on my cheek & under my eye. My dermatologist wants to do Mohs surgery. What are my options?

I have two basal cells on my cheek and another under my eye. My dermatologist conducted a biopsy of the most recent one and wants to do MOHS to remove... READ MORE

How Long Until the Finger in my Ear is Gone?

I had Mohs surgery immediately in front of my ear ten days ago and the scar is the length of my ear. Even though my ear wasn't touched, except for a... READ MORE

How long after Mohs surgery can the repair be done? (photo)

I had Mohs surgery two and a half weeks ago to remove a BCC in the area between my nose and upper lip. I panicked after the surgery was finished, and... READ MORE

I Had Mohs Surgery Just over Two Years Ago. The Scar is Wider Than Desired? (photo)

I had Mohs surgery just over two years ago. The scar is wider than desired. It is hypopigmented (which is not so visible on the photos) with suture... READ MORE

Mohs Surgery on Nostril: Should I let it heal on it's own (and what would scarring look like) or have plastic surgery? (photo)

I recently had Mohs Surgery. I was considering doing plastic surgery, but after hearing that it may take 4 surgeries total to fix and worrying about... READ MORE

Will the Miss Piggy Look Fade Soon After Moh's Surgery?

Will the miss Piggy look fade soon? I had Moh's surgey 4 days ago. No graft, just a horizontal ridge of sutures---which I assume will be the big scar... READ MORE

Nodular Basal Cell post biopsy photos - I still have stitches from the biopsy? (Photo)

I have been told MOH's is my only OPTION and I hear that, however, not all MOH's surgeons leave the best result . I just want to know if one this... READ MORE

Mohs surgery post stitch care, should I keep putting Vaseline on the scar after the week is over?

I had mohs surgery, doctor stitched up the wound , then came back in 5 days , they removed the stitches. They told me to take off the band aid the... READ MORE

Hematoma and swelling after Mohs surgery on forehead is causing terrible scarring results. Any recommendations? (Photo)

I had most surgery several months ago for cancer on my forehead. It resulted in a large hematoma which then caused the scar to heal with an unsightly... READ MORE

Could you tell me if a heating pad would relieve the scarred incision following Mohs surgery after 4 months?

Since its been about 4 months since I had surgery on my upper right chest would it be ok to use a heating pad over the incision? A nurse at the office... READ MORE

Pulled loose a dissolvable stitch tonight only 21/2 days post Mohs surgery on my face. Will this affect the wound closure scar?

I was cleaning the wound as instructed, and thought it was part of the Qtip, but when I pulled on it a string started coming so I left it alone. I... READ MORE

2 weeks post-op: Moh's Wound Reopened, please help. (photos)

Summary: I had a bcc removed on my head two weeks ago, along with the stitches a week later. The wound broke open after they were taken out and my... READ MORE

I had a basal cell carcinoma removed - suture removal scheduled at 2weeks

Isn't this too long for sutures to remain - been 8 days now - fear scarring READ MORE

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