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Dermabrasion 6 Months After Nasal Flap Repair - Too Late?

I had Mohs surgery to remove BCC 8 weeks ago, on the nasal ala. It was repaired with a rhomboid flap which is still elevated by the crease. Will this... READ MORE

What Type of Repair Is Used After Mohs Surgery According to Size of Defect?

What different forms of reconstructive surgery are performed for different size defects after mohs surgery? I have a BCC on my nose and will not know... READ MORE

Is It Okay for a PA to Do Facial Repair After Mohs?

The dermatologist/Mohs surgeon did the surgery, harvested the graft, and left his PA to do the rest. I know that many PA's may be good at... READ MORE

Repair of Previous Mohs Procedure?

I had a Mohs procedure on the tip of my nose to remove a basel cell on June 26th. The wound was about a centimeter. On the same day a plastic surgeon... READ MORE

How Can I Evaluate Which Plastic Surgeon to Choose to Perform my Mohs Surgery Repair?

I have chosen a Mohs surgeon, and she has given me a list of plastic surgeons they work with to do the repair (I have basal cell carcinoma morpheaform... READ MORE

I have a basal cell cancer on the side of my nose. Should I see a Mohns Surgeon or Plastic Surgeon for wound repair?

I have a basal cell cancer on the side of my nose. It is 3cm but is the type that has branches according to the biopsy. I have been referred to a... READ MORE

Who is Best Qualified to Do Repair After Mohs for BCC (Infiltrative) in the Middle of the Eyebrow?

I am a 51 year old female who has been recently dx with BCC i(infiltrative type) n the middle of my eyebrow. The lesion extends above and below the... READ MORE

What can be causing a relatively large bump next to the repair of a Mohs' defect and what should I be doing about it?

Two months post surgery, the repair of the Moh's defect itself is looking good. But adjacent to where the Mohs' defect was there is a relatively large... READ MORE

I've posted a picture of my scar. Would it be worth it to have a plastic surgeon do something w/ the scar at this point? (photo)

I had Mohs surgery to remove a Basal Cell Carinoma about nine weeks ago. My doctor wanted to do a rotation flap repair, but I panicked and left as... READ MORE

MOHS on nose - at what point is the dog ear supposed to be removed?

At what point is the dog ear supposed to be removed? I had the top plastic surgeon at Vandy do the repair and he said I would probably need to come... READ MORE

Mohs skin cancer repair: If I have Medicare will this cost more money?

I have a small skin cancer on my cheek. My dermatologist sent me to a Mohs surgeon. They have an ambulatory surgery center where they close the wound ... READ MORE

Forehead adhered to skull after half dollar size, 3 stage Mohs surgery with A to T Flap Repair.

10 days ago I underwent a Mohs surgery for a BCC that was cleared in 3 stages, leaving a half dollar opening that was closed with an A to T Flap... READ MORE

Hardness around incision after MOHS.

I had MOHS surgery on Nov. 17 to remove basal cell carcinoma on the right side of my nose. The surgeon did a graft to repair the hole - taking skin... READ MORE

Can Mohs surgery and repair high on forehead result in saggy eyelids?

I had Mohs surgery and repair a few days ago. It was very high up on forehead, very near hairline. It was almost right in middle of forehead, a tiny... READ MORE

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