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Should I Remove my Bandage and Let my Stitches Air out 4 Days After Mohs Surgery?

Just had Mohs surgery on my forehead 4 days ago. Can I take the bandage off for good and let the stitches air out now? Going to have them removed... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to Remove 5 Layers in the Moh's Procedure

How Long Does It Take to Remove 5 Layers in the Moh's Procedure READ MORE

Discoloration and Thickness After Bi-lobe Flap Reconstruction Around My Nose?

Had bi-lobed reconstruction after mohs surgery 12 weeks ago. My nose is still blue and thick where the flaps were moved. After seeing pictures of... READ MORE

I had squamous cell carcinoma on my head and had to have it removed. Can the hole increase or spread as I get older? (photo)

Why was there not a mess netting placed to cover the large hole in my head and will or can the hole increase or spread as I get older (I am 52 now) my... READ MORE

Removing Multiple Lesions Besides the One Biopsied?

Will a Mohs surgeon usually remove other lesions besides the one biopsied prior to the surgery appointment if it is obvious to him with a high degree... READ MORE

Do I Need MOHS Sugery?

One month ago had basal cell on cheek but close to nose removed, leaving maybe 8-10mm now healing scar, the tumor was maybe 4 mm. They cut it out and... READ MORE

I have a pre-cancer area on tip of nose. What would be the best way to remove this area without deforming nose?

I had a basal cell cancer on side of nose removed by MOHs and plastic surgery to remedy hole. READ MORE

I Had a Schwannoma Removed in Feb This Year, Experiencing Numbing in Front of Ear and Down Cheek?

Am drooling more on that side also. How can I find out if greater auricular is pinched, damaged or just stretched? My Dr. says he was not near it,... READ MORE

I had basal cell removed from shin about 2 inches from the knee 5 days ago. What is proper care?

I am a little confused - I am sure they said to leave the dressing on until stitches were removed in 2 weeks (changing every day) and not to put any... READ MORE

Should stitches from a skin graft on my nose be removed?

I recently had MOHs surgery on my nose that was closed with a skin graft. After a week the bandage was removed along with the stitches from the donor... READ MORE

I had a small Basal Cell Carcinoma removed from my back. What are the chances I'll develop more BCCs in the coming years?

I'm a male who has had a small BCC (micronodular superficial/multicentric) removed from my back almost exactly 5 years ago (surgery: 4mm margin) at... READ MORE

When should my dog ear be removed?

I am confused on this topic. I had MOHS on my nose 4 wks ago. I have asked here before about when the dog ear is to be removed. One dr said it should... READ MORE

Basal cell carcinoma removal and reconstruction: Is 3-4 week wait normal? It feels like torture having to wait for the answer.

Hello I have an 11mm wide by 9mm high visible BCC for excision in a few weeks time. This is on the tip pf my nose. The Plastic surgeon says that the... READ MORE

Actinic Keratosis removed 1.5 years ago reoccurred and is skin cancer: Can I wait 6 weeks to have Mohs surgery?

I had an actinic keratosis removed from my forehead 1.5 years ago. It recurred and is basal cell skin cancer. The doctor does not have any openings... READ MORE

What should I expect from an open wound from a basal cell carcinoma removal ?

Still oozing after 4 weeks-----been applying hydrogen peroxide daily, covering with a small piece of DuoDerm, and then a band-aid. Doesn't show many... READ MORE

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