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Mohs Surgery Recovery

What is the typical recovery and downtime from Mohs surgery? What should I expect for after care needs? READ MORE

What Should I Do if I Have a Large Lump After Mohs Surgery?

I had Mohs done on small basal @ center forhead. I was left w/ a concave wide white scar, deep brow furrows, and a 10mm lump where final sutures were... READ MORE

Debating Forehead flap: how long until the flap comes down?

Hello, I have been given the option of a forehead flap for my mohs on nose reconstruction. I'm so scared of the forehead flap because it's so gruesome... READ MORE

16 Days Post MOHS Surgery/reconstruction - to Cover or Not to Cover?

A skin graft from behind my ear was used after MOHS surgery to remove BCC - The oculop. surgeon who did the reconstruction has told me to keep... READ MORE

Small nodular BCC on nasal ala. If I get a skin flap, what can I expect the wound to look like 4 weeks after?

If I get a skin flap, what can I expect the wound to look like 4 weeks after? I am starting a new job and really would like recovery to be well... READ MORE

Why did the doctor give me conflicting information about how long it would take to recover before and after? (photos)

Why did everyone tell me that Mohs surgery was no big deal and I could return to work the next day? But then on the way out the door, after the... READ MORE

Is the lump permanent? Am I cooking an infection? (Photo)

In my twelfth day of recovery following Mohs surgery on my left temple. Cuts were examined 3 times before a clear slide. I have a 3/4" highx11/4" lump... READ MORE

I bled a bit after my mohs surgery is this normal also can the skin in the skin of my flap die if I walk around too much?

I have slightly low platletss and bled a bit during my recovery the dr told me if i over did things the skin could die and scaring would be worse is... READ MORE

I developed sudden swelling overnight three weeks post op after moh'surgery. Any suggestions? (photos)

My recovery after moh's surgery seemed on track until i developed sudden swelling, literally overnight, three weeks post op. The area is also itchy.... READ MORE

Recovery from mohs surgery?

I had mohrs procedure on my nose on 1/5. They went two layers deep and did a skin graft to cover wound. At end of 9 days they removed stitches and had... READ MORE

Should I wait to have Mohs Surgery? (photo)

My son is graduating from High School next month, I'm scheduled for Mohs surgery next week. It's to remove a spot of Basal Cell on my nose near my... READ MORE

How long after Moh's surgery for lower-eyelid bcc before I will be able to see out of both eyes well enough to study? (photo)

How long after moh's surgery and skin graft reconstruction for lower-eyelid-margin basal cell carcinoma before I will be able to see out of both eyes... READ MORE

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