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Nose graft, should it scab? (photo)

I am two weeks post op after a skin graft on my nose following surgical excision of a bcc. The graft is starting to scab and I'm wondering if this is... READ MORE

I had MOHs surgery on 7/3/14 for BCC on my nose and a skin flap was used to close the wound. What are you opinion? (photo)

I am very concerned about asymmetry of my nose as well as the fact that the alar opening on the operated side is now about 50% closed and the nostril... READ MORE

Mohs surgery done on cheek, when will swelling go away? (photo)

I had mohs surgery done 3 weeks ago in center of cheek. I experienced swelling in the area around my upper cheekbone. I still have a little swelling... READ MORE

How quickly and by what process should this Lentigo melanoma be removed? (photos)

It was a few millimeters in measure flat light brown spot 8 years ago. My recent pathology report read severely atypical junctional melanocytic... READ MORE

What are the best & most inexpensive options to reduce scarring post BCC MOHs - flap? (photo)

I had MOHs done in May 2012. Three reconstructive surgeries later.... I'm struggling with the scarring. I have a large raised scar on my forehead, a... READ MORE

Will lumpiness of MOHS surgery scar on cheek eventually flatten out?

I am just shy of three weeks post MOHS surgery for removal of a squamous cell carcinoma in situ from my right cheek. The incision has healed, but... READ MORE

I had squamous cell carcinoma on my head and had to have it removed. Can the hole increase or spread as I get older? (photo)

Why was there not a mess netting placed to cover the large hole in my head and will or can the hole increase or spread as I get older (I am 52 now) my... READ MORE

Is my skin graft looking okay ? Will my colour return or will it go more dark? (Photo)

Hi I wanted to know if the graft I have had in my upper neck part looks like it should as after the operation the skin tone was less but now seems to... READ MORE

Will this flatten out enough to hide with make up? Six weeks out and have been in public but it was humiliating. (photo)

About 6 weeks in the picture and can't even cover it with make up. I can't feel my upper lip.I never want to go back to work until it looks and feels... READ MORE

Headache/pressure after MOHS surgery (8/21) on bridge of nose. Is this normal or not? (Photo)

Where my finger is pointing, that's where I feel the pressure from the headache. Ice helps some but Tylenol doesn't really. The bandaids are covering... READ MORE

1 week post-op, I have a spongy fluid on my forehead. Is this normal, or a direct result of too much waking and/or heat? (Photo)

I had mohls surgery on my forhead one week ago. 4 days after the surgery I went walking around the zoo for 3 hours in the heat and came home with some... READ MORE

Mohs Surgery on Nostril: Should I let it heal on it's own (and what would scarring look like) or have plastic surgery? (photo)

I recently had Mohs Surgery. I was considering doing plastic surgery, but after hearing that it may take 4 surgeries total to fix and worrying about... READ MORE

Is there a way to improve upon my Moh's scar? (Photo)

I had Moh's in 2007 with skin and cartilage graft to the left nostril. It has left my nose with noticeable asymmetry and a scar. I have had CO2 laser... READ MORE

Nodular Basal Cell post biopsy photos - I still have stitches from the biopsy? (Photo)

I have been told MOH's is my only OPTION and I hear that, however, not all MOH's surgeons leave the best result . I just want to know if one this... READ MORE

How can I find a doc who can give a good cosmetic result for excising a 2mm basal cell cancer from the neck? (Photo)

I expect a scar. Neck doesn't qualify for MOHS. [doc is certified for MOHs.] I told Dr. I don't want a cosmetic result like my leg, [ dented with... READ MORE

Should this be allowed to heal alone? (Photo)

I have had several cancers on my face and have had all but one closed by plastic surgeon with good results. The last one on my nose was allowed to... READ MORE

I had Mohs method done 7 yrs ago . It returned same spot. I had to have Mohs done again. How is this possible? (Photo)

7 yrs ago I noticed a spot on right side of my nose close to the bridge facing my right eye. I had the mosh method done. Healed and I had no issues.... READ MORE

Please show me before and after photos of moh's surgery for removal of BCC on the bridge of the nose?

I just had a BCC removed one month ago on the bridge of my nose. My surgery was performed by an experienced Moh's Surgeon, and I will be grateful if I... READ MORE

Is Imiquiod a reasonable option for Lentigo Maligna in situ on the face? (photo)

If it fades the lesion how do you know it is all gone? Will another bx prove that it is indeed gone? I am considering this option due to the confusion... READ MORE

Is it acceptable to watch an area where a small area was removed for diagnosis of BCC, but not treated further? (photo)

I had a very small area that bleed when scrubbing my face and then started to crust up around the edges. It was small, perhaps the size of two BB... READ MORE

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