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Best Way to Remove Squamous Cells on Chest?

I just received the biopsy report on 3 areas from my chest. The locations are: 1 at the top of my cleavage, 1 to the left center of my cleavage and 1... READ MORE

26 Years Old - BCC Right Next to Eye. Mohs Best Option? (photo)

I was just diagnosed with a BCC last Friday just below and to the left of my left eye. Picture is after biopsy. There is no way to determine how... READ MORE

Revision Suggestions After Mohs Surgery Repair

I had a BCC removed on my nasal ala with Mohs Surgery 6 months ago. A rhomboid flap was used to repair it. The flap has been raised from the beginning... READ MORE

Discoloration and Thickness After Bi-lobe Flap Reconstruction Around My Nose?

Had bi-lobed reconstruction after mohs surgery 12 weeks ago. My nose is still blue and thick where the flaps were moved. After seeing pictures of... READ MORE

Is It Common for the Scar on the Forehead from Mohs Surgery to Be Depressed? How To Fix?

Is It Common for the Scar on the Forehead from Mohs Surgery to Be Depressed? How To Fix? READ MORE

It's Been 2yrs Since my Mohs Surgery and I Still Have Red Pustules on my Scar. What's The Cause? What Should I Do?

It has been 2 years since my MOHs surgery and I still have red pustules on my scar. It is located on the side of my nose near the corner of my eye.... READ MORE

Revision After Moh's Surgery

My Moh's Surgeon has had very limited experience with revisions which is good for how great his results are and perhaps not so good for me if I... READ MORE

CND Vs. MOHS For Nodular Basal Cell On Nostril?

I have a .4cm X .3cm nodular basal cell on my nostril. Prior to path report, doctor was recommending MOHS. Now, having received path report, she is... READ MORE

What can I do to make my MOHS nose scar look better? (Photo)

Here's a picture for weeks out from Moes on nose surgery What can I do to make this look much much better? Two weeks I get the dog ear removed. The... READ MORE

Is MOHS Surgery Appropriate for a 4 Year Old?

My daughter has been diagnosed with DFSP. We've been advised that MOHS surgery may not be appropriate for someone so young, and wide excision may... READ MORE

Lip Asymmetry After Mohs Surgery. What Are My Options?

I had Mohs surgery on my upper lip and now my lips aren't symmetrical at all, and I am embarrased by this. Is there something I can do to correct... READ MORE

Mohs closure. What are my options and at what point is a forehead flap considered?

My biopsy on the side of my nose reads superficial with margins. One surgeon told me she would NEVER let anyone do the forehead flap on her and I do... READ MORE

Nodular Basal Cell post biopsy photos - I still have stitches from the biopsy? (Photo)

I have been told MOH's is my only OPTION and I hear that, however, not all MOH's surgeons leave the best result . I just want to know if one this... READ MORE

What can I use to remove polysporin from my hair without affecting the incision?

I had basal cell carcinoma removed from my scalp. Had 22 staples removed yesterday and the nurse put a lot of polysporin. What can I use to remove the... READ MORE

Basal cell? Nodular on the nasal fold of my left side of cheek? Concerned.

In in the Atlanta area and I'm worried about scarring afterward. What do recommend? Bad thing..I had to call them 7 days later to get my results. I'm... READ MORE

Should I go back to my dermatologist or just see an ENT dr? Is this from pressure of pulling skin too tight or cartilage damage?

I had Moses surgery for basal cell on my nose 2 years ago and they had to reconstruct my nose by pulling the skin over the hole. Recently I have had... READ MORE

I have a large indentation on the middle of the top of my nose & cartilage at the tip. What are my options?

My dermatologist did not send me to a plastic surgeon. When I went back he said what do you want me to do about it? He had used skin from behind my... READ MORE

What can I expect my reconstruction options to be for a wound on my right temple?

I had MOHs surgery today for a basal cell carcinoma on my right temple. I now have a wound the size of a quarter. I am going to see a plastic surgeon... READ MORE

A lump that has formed on the left side of my mothers nose after cancer removal and reconstructive surgery- what can be done?

In Fall of 2013, my mother had cancer removed from the front of her nose. The next day, she had plastic surgery to repair the lost skin. About a week... READ MORE

I had Mohs surgery to remove a BCC on my cheek 3 1/2 years ago. How can I reduce the appearance of the scar? (Photo)

There was a bump at the end of the scar that hadn't gone away after a year, so I had it removed 2 1/2 years ago; however, that procedure made the scar... READ MORE

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