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Is It Safe to Use Lubricating Jelly in Place of Vaseline to Heal an Open Wound?

Finding the Vaseline difficult to cover/apply to the open wound from MOHS surgery on top of my husband's head .. Is it safe to use a Personal... READ MORE

Is It O.k. to Use Hydrogen Peroxide on an Open Wound?

My surgeon said to clean it with peroxide, and my plastic surgeon said not to. What do I do? READ MORE

What is a Good Alternative to Using Hydrogen Peroxide on an Open Wound Like Mohs Surgery?

I was told by the surgeon to clean the wound with hydrogen peroxide, but when I went to the plastic surgeon, he said not to. He said to let the water... READ MORE

Mohs closure? Is it normal for the wound to be left open and take 2/3 months to heal, or should the surgeon close it?

I have been diagnosed with BCC on the back of leg, one inch in diameter about 4 inches above heel. I have been told the wound will be left open and... READ MORE

How long should it take for an open wound on lower leg to heal?

I had a curettage and cauterization for the removal of a squamous cell cancer on my lower left leg three months ago. There is a portion that has not... READ MORE

BCC removal advice

I had BCC punch biopsy 6 months ago and there is no clear margin. It has been suggested that more needs to be taken and the wound left open to heal... READ MORE

Slow Mohs procedure on toe with melanoma in situ?

I was recently diagnosed with superficial spreading melanoma in situ on my third toe. My dermatologist would like to perform "slow mohs" to remove the... READ MORE

Need a Doctor Recommendation. My 13 Year Old Son Needs Scalp Surgery to Close a Wound from a Cancer Surgery?

Silver dollar size wound is from a surgery on Jul 3 to remove a cancer tumor, which was under the scalp but outside of the skull. The plastic surgeon... READ MORE

Should I let the wound from MOHs surgery heal on its own or have it closed up? (Photo)

I had a BCC removed on 5/11/15. After one removal the surgeon said that it was all removed with clean margins. He asked if I wanted it sutured or wait... READ MORE

How long can the wound be left open if it needs to be closed by an Oculoplastic surgeon?

My lesion is close to my right eye, perhaps described as medial canthus. I am scheduled for a surgery on Wednesday, the Mohs surgeon thinks she can... READ MORE

3 weeks post-op Moh's on forehead - Will my open wound heal? (photos)

I just turned 18 and had moh's surgery done on my forehead. The stitch popped open but surgeon decided to let it heal on its own. It's been almost... READ MORE

Any recommendation for excellent surgeon in San Diego area who takes United Healthcare PPO; and to calm my fears?

My dermo just biopsied a spot that for months had either an open wound that healed, and has been itching like crazy for weeks. there has been a bruise... READ MORE

Facial wound from biopsy still open after 5 yrs. Any suggestions?

This wound seeps fluid and becomes tender. Fluid is clear to cloudy. Biopsy taken 5 yrs ago with cauderization READ MORE

What should I expect from an open wound from a basal cell carcinoma removal ?

Still oozing after 4 weeks-----been applying hydrogen peroxide daily, covering with a small piece of DuoDerm, and then a band-aid. Doesn't show many... READ MORE

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