Hole + Mohs Surgery

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After Having the Mohs Surgery on my Nose the Skin Did Not Take, What Are my Options to Repair the Hole in my Nose? (photo)

I had the surgery 3 weeks ago and the skin graft is not taking. What will happen to the skin graft and what can I have done to repair my nose? What... READ MORE

Can You Tell if Your Bcc is Moving into Your Bone?

I have a very small sore on my cheek that I kept picking at and never let it heal.If I had to guess I would say it has been there for about 2 years... READ MORE

I had squamous cell carcinoma on my head and had to have it removed. Can the hole increase or spread as I get older? (photo)

Why was there not a mess netting placed to cover the large hole in my head and will or can the hole increase or spread as I get older (I am 52 now) my... READ MORE

Chance of infection forehead post mohs surgery?

I had mohs surgery 1 wk ago and the incision is HUGE. I surfed the internet and cannot find one even close...They couldn't graft or stitch because... READ MORE

What do I do with this biopsy hole while I wait for a month to see surgeon to remove more cancer? (photo)

Hi, I had a biopsy done about a week ago and it is determined that it is Basal Cell Carcinoma. My doctor did not feel confident to operate due to area... READ MORE

How long does it take skin to close and heal..? (photos)

Final op was done today..had basal cancer removed..and closed with a skin flap..just wanted to no..how long wul hole take to heal..and is the wound... READ MORE

Healing question a month after Basal Cell surgery on my back. The incision is almost healed, but a small "hole" had developed

It has been roughly a month since my surgery to remove basal cell cancer in my back. The bulk of the incision is closed up and healing, but the... READ MORE

2011 had STTG, a piece of the graft did not take. There is a hole there where it did not take. What shouldI do? (photos)

Had infection a few times since pce of graft did not take. Biopsy November 2014 shows clean,nothing. The lower leg swells up and I sit a lot, but they... READ MORE

Mohs surgery scar question

Mohs was performed 4-27-16 on my left cheek. I went to a Plastic Surgeon to have the repairs done. He chose a Triangle shape stitch. Currently it is... READ MORE

Double flap skin surgery done on my back, are three holes remaining normal after ending surgery?

There were three pretty big holes left after double flap surgery done on my back for skin cancer last year. Is it normal to not be able to sew the... READ MORE

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