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Mohs Skin Graft on my Nose Appears to Be Healing with a Significant Indentation/depression - Will It Improve?

I had a full thickness skin graft measuring just over 1 cm wide on my nose one month ago after basal cell carcinoma removal. At first the graft... READ MORE

What Happens to Mohs Surgery Scar when Healed by Itself?

What can I expect after Moh's surgery if I let the scar heal on its own? I was told by a plastic surgeon that I could let it heal on its own, do a... READ MORE

I Had Mohs Surgery Above my Right Eyebrow (On the Forehead) - Itching/Healing?

The Dr had to take 2 cuts to get it all, it went to the skull. I have a 2" hole in my forehead. The last bolster was taken out 2 weeks ago, it... READ MORE

Wound Not Healing After MOHS Surgery on Top of Head

One month now and the wound (quarter size) to remove a squamous cell from the top of my husbands head will not stop oozing and is healing very very... READ MORE

Slow Healing After Scalp Mohs Surgery

I had Mohs surgery over a year ago to remove basel cell from my scalp. Although the wound seems to start healing, inevitably it breaks open and we... READ MORE

16 Days Post MOHS Surgery/reconstruction - to Cover or Not to Cover?

A skin graft from behind my ear was used after MOHS surgery to remove BCC - The oculop. surgeon who did the reconstruction has told me to keep... READ MORE

Mohs Scar Treatment 3 Weeks Post Op- When Do I Know I've Healed Enough to Use Sunscreen?

I had Mohs surgery on my chin about 3 weeks ago, the steri strips are just beginning to come off. I was advised to apply sunscreen when the wound was... READ MORE

Face Healing Question After MOHS?

I had MOHS by fellowship doctor 2 weeks ago to remove basal cell cancer. Removal incision was along left side of nose along the natural seam there.... READ MORE

MOHs - Inner Ear: Heal on Own Vs Graph?

Had MOHs surgery today to remove basal cell inside my ear. 42 yr old white male. Most of the inside skin was scraped out. At a glance it was missing... READ MORE

I Am Having Mohs Surgery and Will Not Have Any Stitches or Sutures and I Am Worried I Will Have a Raised Scar or Lump. (photo)

It is on my left cheek. I am 32 and I am in marketing and I am very concerned about how I will heal on my own if my skin will come together properly... READ MORE

I'm an Elementary School Teacher and Was Wondering What the Bandaging Will Look Like After Mohs Surgery?

I'm an elementary teacher and was wondering what the bandaging will look like after Mohs surgery for my SCC of my upper lip and how long should it be... READ MORE

I Am Having Mohs on my Left Cheek 1.5 Cm and Want to Try and Heal Naturally is This Ok?

I am having Mohs on my left cheek 1.5 cm and want to try and heal naturally is this ok?  READ MORE

Internal Stitch after Mohs surgery?

I had Mohs surgery on my nose and just needed a few internal and a few external stitches. It has been 3 weeks since the external stitches were removed... READ MORE

Does my nose appear to be healing properly or would you return to have it looked at if it were you? (Photo)

I had MOHS surgery performed on my nose 10 days ago to remove a squamous cell lesion. It was in situ and the doctor said he was able to remove it in... READ MORE

Will I ever heal from this surgery? (Photo)

I look hideous after Mohs surgery on my nose for squamous cell carcinoma on my nose. Does this look like it will ever heal? He did three cuts and then... READ MORE

What is the timeframe for a MOHs facial scar to achieve maximum healing?

When will scar from MOHs look the best that it will look? How many weeks/months? READ MORE

Will Taking Cialis Help with Second Intention Healing?

I had Mohs surgery on nose it took 2 slices to remove BBC .I was wondering if I take Cialis will that help with healing by the Cialis helping to... READ MORE

Mohs Surgery on Nostril: Should I let it heal on it's own (and what would scarring look like) or have plastic surgery? (photo)

I recently had Mohs Surgery. I was considering doing plastic surgery, but after hearing that it may take 4 surgeries total to fix and worrying about... READ MORE

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