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Skin Graft Fell off 2 Weeks After Mohs Surgery

2 weeks ago I had mohs..on graft fell off to day -appears to be healing with big cavity this correct or do I need to contact MD... READ MORE

Mohs Skin Graft on my Nose Appears to Be Healing with a Significant Indentation/depression - Will It Improve?

I had a full thickness skin graft measuring just over 1 cm wide on my nose one month ago after basal cell carcinoma removal. At first the graft... READ MORE

How Well Do Skin Grafts Match From Inner Ear to Nose?

I will be having Mohs surgery next week, for two basal cell areas on the right side of my nose. I have fair skin that tends to be reddish on my face... READ MORE

Dark Spots in Graft After Mohs for Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC)

Should I worry about a graft with dark spots and some splitting around the borders 10 days post-op? Please see photo. Thanks!! READ MORE

Post Mohs Procedure, my Dermotologist Did NOT Do Skin Graft

He cautorized only to allow for healing from within. Is this normal and best practice for a small basal cell carcinoma on the nose? READ MORE

Skin Graft After Mohs Surgery Split Open About 4-5mm the Day After Stitches Came Out

I had Mohs surgery near the corner of my eye for basal cell lesion 9 days ago. The nurse took stitches yesterday. She warned that if I rubbed it too... READ MORE

16 Days Post MOHS Surgery/reconstruction - to Cover or Not to Cover?

A skin graft from behind my ear was used after MOHS surgery to remove BCC - The oculop. surgeon who did the reconstruction has told me to keep... READ MORE

Why Would a Mohs Surgeon Choose to Use a Skin Graft on the Nose when an Uncomplicated Flap is an Option?

From all that I have read, it appears that flaps often produce a far superior aesthetic outcome when compared to using skin grafts. Why would a Mohs... READ MORE

MOHs - Inner Ear: Heal on Own Vs Graph?

Had MOHs surgery today to remove basal cell inside my ear. 42 yr old white male. Most of the inside skin was scraped out. At a glance it was missing... READ MORE

General Anesthesia on a 91 Year Old Patient for Skin Graft After Mohs?

My 91 year old father needs a skin graft on his nose after mohs surgery. His mohs doctor will do this proceedure using local anesthesia, but most... READ MORE

Should a Skin Graft After Mohs Be Performed by Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon?

Should a skin graft after Mohs be performed by the dermatologist that performed the procedure or a plastic surgeon? My father had Mohs & I am... READ MORE

Spot in Skin Graft 11 Weeks After Mohs Surgery, What Is This?

My graft to me has been healing well, today however there is a sl spot in the graft,it looks like a blood type spot READ MORE

The Center of Full Thickness Skin Graft Had Sloughed Off, but Margins Are Holding. Infection?

Following a Mohs procedure to remove a.4 mm melanoma, I received a full thickness skin graft. About one week after my stitches were removed, I was... READ MORE

After MOHs on the side of my nose with graft done, only using lots of Vaseline

I cannot use band aides as back reaction. Surgery done Oct. 14 th. Is it normal to have a gooey yellow covering of the wound. READ MORE

Is this a normal appearance for 1 week after a Mohs graft on nose? (photos)

I had a SCC removed a week and a half ago. The dermatologist did a delayed repair (5 days after the Mohs procedure). It is now 1 week after the graft... READ MORE

Mohs Surgery on my Scalp, Multiple Questions?

1. will the quarter size hole heal by itself? i do not want a skin graft. 2. should i use a rx ointment r is vaseline or an antibiotic just as good. 3... READ MORE

Healing after basil cell removal. Flap, graft or natural healing? Natural healing is preferred.

My mom recently had a simi-large basil cell removed from under her eye. No cosmetic reconstruction has been done yet. The plastic surgeon recommend a... READ MORE

I had MOHs to remove basal cancer on my left nostril. Surgeon suggested it heal in for 2 weeks, does this make sense? (Photo)

He said being fairly large he thought doing a 2 step flap the day if was too close to the bottom of my eye and might distort or pull on the lower eye... READ MORE

Is it normal to have pimple bumps around graft a year after surgery? (Photos)

It has been a year since I had Mohs and skin graft on end of my nose. I keep getting pimple like bumps that bleed and scab over around one side of the... READ MORE

Hardness around incision after MOHS.

I had MOHS surgery on Nov. 17 to remove basal cell carcinoma on the right side of my nose. The surgeon did a graft to repair the hole - taking skin... READ MORE

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