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What Should I Ask About Nodular BCC on my Ala?

I have a nodular basal cell carcinoma (BCC) on my nasal ala. It is 5mm across and primarily flat. I will be having Mohs surgery in a couple weeks to... READ MORE

I have sclerosis basal cell cancer on my eyebrow. Can I wait 6 months for MOHs surgery?

I am female 42 years old. Had excision surgery for a lesion above eyebrow that was not healing for 6 months and biopsy confirmed sclerosis bcc not... READ MORE

What is BCE and is Moh's a Good Idea?

Right nasal bridge. There are strands and cords of basal cell between collagen bundles in a dense fibrous stroma. The stands and cords are compressed... READ MORE

How long should swelling last after Mohs Surgery when it's near your eye? (photo)

I had the mohs procedure done 3 weeks ago for two bccs on the inside bridge of my nose very near the corner of my eye. I had dissolvable stitches and... READ MORE

How much reconstructive surgery can i expect after mohs surgery for a basal cell carcinoma on the tip of my nose? (Photo)

I was recently diagnosed with BCC on the tip of my nose. This cancer was previously misdiagnosed and has been present for at least five years. I will... READ MORE

How quickly and by what process should this Lentigo melanoma be removed? (photos)

It was a few millimeters in measure flat light brown spot 8 years ago. My recent pathology report read severely atypical junctional melanocytic... READ MORE

Asymmetrical nostrils after Mohs? (Photo)

29 year old female. Mohs procedure to remove 3 mm BCC on middle left side of nose. Simple closure but still opted to have plastic surgeon do it.... READ MORE

Mohs Correction on Scalp With Scalp Extender Treatment?

Female, late 40's who had mohs on scalp 1 year ago. stitches were too tight & subsequently opened leaving a nickel sized circular scar.... READ MORE

Will this flatten out enough to hide with make up? Six weeks out and have been in public but it was humiliating. (photo)

About 6 weeks in the picture and can't even cover it with make up. I can't feel my upper lip.I never want to go back to work until it looks and feels... READ MORE

There is a concave stitches after Mohs surgery. Is this normal? (photos)

29 year old female. Mohs procedure to remove 3 mm BCC on middle left side of nose. Simple closure but still opted to have plastic surgeon do it.... READ MORE

Who is Best Qualified to Do Repair After Mohs for BCC (Infiltrative) in the Middle of the Eyebrow?

I am a 51 year old female who has been recently dx with BCC i(infiltrative type) n the middle of my eyebrow. The lesion extends above and below the... READ MORE

I have an approximate 3cm annular,scaly,eroded plaque BCC on bridge of nose. 1cm BCC above lip. Need surgery, skin graft (Photo)

Pathology report 05/02/2014. from Ellsworth Maine. Down East dermatology. I was referred for Mohs,but had to move. Now residing in Moss point ms.Was... READ MORE

Had to remove n keep bandages off. They were driving me crazy. My skin is extra sensitive n thin since I have CLL. (photo)

After pressure bandage came off i cleaned n put heavy coat of vaisoline n bandaged as well as I could given the location but it bothered me so very... READ MORE

Moms surgery on neck, 1 week post-op, concerned that it's very red. Is it healing properly or infected? (photos)

It is one week post op for precancerous freckle I had removed. I've followed all instructions for after care including anti biotic. I'm concerned that... READ MORE

Should this be allowed to heal alone? (Photo)

I have had several cancers on my face and have had all but one closed by plastic surgeon with good results. The last one on my nose was allowed to... READ MORE

How does a skin graft tend to look after Mohs surgery 10 days later? Is this normal? (photos)

Is this normal? One side is healing nicely while the other looks more and more black. It's been ten days since surgery! READ MORE

Melanoma possible after punch biopsy of dermal nevus?

I am 34 female with family history of melanoma numerous sun burns and tanning beds growing up. I have had 5 spots removed all by punch biopsies one... READ MORE

Do you have any info about treating Basal Cell Carcinoma with HDR Brachytherapy? (photo)

I'm a caucasian female in my mid 40s. My BCC is the size of a pencil eraser and is left center mid cheek. Mohs was recommended. I have investigated... READ MORE

Please clarify if this current Mohs surgery defect on inside corner of eye may resolve by itself. (photos)

I had Mohs surgery a month ago to remove a BCC with only one layer of tissue removal below the eye, on the lower bridge of my nose. The surgeon opted... READ MORE

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