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Can I use liquid bandage over stitches on my face after Mohs Surgery? (photo)

I had Mohs Surgery 2 days ago on my upper lip area. I received stitches & I was told to keep the area moist with Vaseline & covered to prevent... READ MORE

I feel like my skin graft isn't healing properly? (photo)

4 months ago I had a sebaceous nevus under my eye, that had turned into skin cancer. I had mohs surgery followed by a skin graft on my face. It's been... READ MORE

Moh's Surgery or Blue Light to Treat Basal Cell Carcenoma?

I have had 2 separate spots of basal cell carcinoma in the past and both were surgically removed. I now have two additional areas (on my nose and... READ MORE

Face Swollen After MOHS?

I had MOHS done to basal cell that was just off of the left side nose. I have lot of stitches from upper side of nose down the natural seam to above... READ MORE

Feeling a twitch under my healing scar after having mohs surgery on my face

I had Mohs surgery on my face just left of my nose 3 weeks ago. I had subcutaneous dissolving stitches as well as stitches to close the wound. The... READ MORE

Did doc over do MOHs incision?

I went to the dermatologist for a basil cell on my face. The PA that did the biopsy said it was so small that she likely got the whole thing and I may... READ MORE

Should I get excision or Moh's to remove the melanoma on my face? (photo)

A 2x1x1mm shave bx came back as lentigo maligna and moderately atypical junctional melanocytes present as single cells along the dermal epidermal... READ MORE

5 weeks post bilobed skin flap reconstruction. Swelling or thickness problem? (Photo)

Post Mohs above the ala on my nose, a plastic surgeon did a bi-lobed skin flap, borrowing skin from my face, just adjacent to my nose. The bi-lobal... READ MORE

Should I have a plastic surgeon to complete reconstruction, or a MOHS surgeon?

I am getting ready to have MOHS surgery on the left side of my face. The tumor removal will require the flap technique because of the position. So... READ MORE

Didn't realize I may have SCC. Do I have a high chance of being disfigured after surgery?

I'm 23 years old and had sun posioning about 4 years ago. I have a perminate red mark on my face. Went to my derm today and I brought it up because a... READ MORE

I have had MOHs on my face from the crease in my nose down to my lip. Twenty stitches and only about half of them dissolved?

Do I need to seek medical advice ? The scar is from MOHs on 21st April it's now may 6th the cut is round the base of my nose and a triangle shape down... READ MORE

Can my post-Mohs surgery scar be improved? (photos)

A year ago I had mohs surgery on my right cheek for a basal cell carcinoma. While I'm grateful it's not worse, I feel like the scar is still pretty... READ MORE

Is Imiquiod a reasonable option for Lentigo Maligna in situ on the face? (photo)

If it fades the lesion how do you know it is all gone? Will another bx prove that it is indeed gone? I am considering this option due to the confusion... READ MORE

Mohs surgeon or derm/plastic surgeon team for basal cell on face?

I see different opinions on whether it's better to have the entire procedure performed by board certified Mohs surgeon or by an experienced... READ MORE

Advised to have Mohs surgery on a basal cell on my face measuring 6 mm.

What if I was to decline the surgery? What would be the ramification if I choose not to proceed. You can hardly see the area that was biopsied. thank you READ MORE

Pain treatment after plastic surgery

A few years ago (maybe 5) my mom had to have skin cancer removed from her face. The area was not big at all, just about the size of a nickel. The... READ MORE

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