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Post-op Expectations After Squamous Cell Lip Mohs Surgery?

I had mohs surgery 1 week ago and plastic re-constructive surgery followed.It was for my upper lip which was diagnosed as malignant squamous cell... READ MORE

Do You Wear a Patch over Your Eye After Mohs of the Lower Eyelid?

I have to have Mohs surgery of my lower eye lid for BCC. I want to know when I might be able to return to work as an Ultrasound tech after this surgery? READ MORE

Small nodular BCC on nasal ala. If I get a skin flap, what can I expect the wound to look like 4 weeks after?

If I get a skin flap, what can I expect the wound to look like 4 weeks after? I am starting a new job and really would like recovery to be well... READ MORE

Adnexol Carcinoma- What Would Happen if Left Untreated?

It seems as though everyone on this forum has BCC; I had Mohs for adnexol carcinoma. It was very traumatic, and I am extremely self-conscious of the... READ MORE

I Have Had Scc on Lower Eyelid for 5-6 Yrs. It's Grown Deep, What Can I Expect From the Mohs Scar?

I've had scc on lower eyelid for 5-6 yrs. I'm concerned about how deep the cancer has grown and I can see a difference in the size across the... READ MORE

What can I expect my reconstruction options to be for a wound on my right temple?

I had MOHs surgery today for a basal cell carcinoma on my right temple. I now have a wound the size of a quarter. I am going to see a plastic surgeon... READ MORE

What should I expect from MOHS surgery? (photo)

I have been diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma, of the eyelid. I recently consulted with a MOHS Surgeon, and will consult with an eye surgeon, prior... READ MORE

Basal cell carcinoma just below nose in the philtrum.

I was diagnosed with BCC in January. On the surface, the tumor is a bit larger than a pencil eraser. It is located in the middle of the philtrum. I... READ MORE

I had a MOHS procedure on my left cheek and am fighting redness for 7 months now. I need help.

I am with a plastic surgeon now under his care, as the 4th surgeon who has looked at the MOHS results. I get redness, pus, acts like a pimple,... READ MORE

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