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Two years ago I had MOHs surgery followed by a skin graft on my face. Aesthetically, I'm very unhappy with the graft (Photo)

My skin graft has remained red and Im unhappy with how it looks on my face. I was reading an article about someone who had MOHs surgery in a similar... READ MORE

Is This the Right Path I Should Take For Excision of Keratocanthoma?

Is Moh's Surgery Appropriate Following Plastic Surgery Doing an Excision of a Keratoacanthoma with Skin Grafts and Cartilage Removal of the lower... READ MORE

MOHs Surgery Vs Surgical Excision for Non-face BCC While Pregnant?

I had a biopsy done for a 6.6mm mole on the right side of my abdomen and it came back as basal cell carcinoma. I am four months pregnant and trying to... READ MORE

What is the difference in Mohs surgery vs. excision surgeries?

Had a bcc removed using Moes last year. I have a confirmed bcc on my arm and the Dr states that my insurance wont pay for the Moes for this type and... READ MORE

Is This Surgery Necessary?

A small portion of the bridge of my nose excised and examined for basal cell carcinoma. Biopsy was positive. Further surgery (Mohs) is suggested.... READ MORE

Standard Excision Vs MOHS. Biopsy confirmed combination Basal Cell Carcinoma & Squamous Cell Carcinoma on my right cheek (Photo)

Biopsy confirmed combination BCC & SCC. I'm not sure precisely what sub-type it is. My Derm said it's quite Superficial at this stage and has... READ MORE

Can basal cell carcinoma spread with excision?

I had a small mole on my chest removed for biopsy a month ago which turn out to be basal cell carcinoma. In the meantime the wound was infected and is... READ MORE

Did I get MOH's surgery?I think I got a standard, non tissue sparing excision.

2mm nodular BCC on neck. Appeared in Feb as an itching bug bite; by Mar. it looked like a classic BCC . Biopsy taken & cauterized to 5mm. Dr. said... READ MORE

Nearly 3 weeks post excision of basal cell carcinoma and the graft site looks and feels weird with pinging and itching (Photo)

The graft initially looked like other pictures I've seen. The last 5 days have seen it become very raised with tiny black spots appearing today. READ MORE

Follow up to original question. MOH's procedure was not followed during my surgury. What should I do?

2mm Nodular BCC present 6 weeks After biopsy, defect 5mm across; Normal skin around. Signed for tissue sparing MOHs Dr. recommended.[ AUC8] One, WIDE... READ MORE

Can a small first time squamous cancer wait 4 months before Moh's surgery?

I am a healthy athletic 55 year old. I have just had a small (size of sunflower seed) squamous removed from arm (about 2 inches from wrist; on the... READ MORE

Nodular BCC rim of nose. (photo)

This is the 5th nodular BCC, in the past they have been removed successfully by cryosurgery, excision, curette and MOHS. Do you think that using... READ MORE

Should this pigmented nodular basal cell carcinoma be re-read by a dermatopathologist? Is the risk of recurrence increased?

A 63yo male developed a suspicious 7 x 8 mm raised lesion in the right pubic area over 2-3 months. An elliptical excisional biopsy was done by a... READ MORE

Can you drive after excision on lower shin?

I have been trying to speak with nurse regarding my excision surgery... I have questions and cannot get any results calling...will I be totally... READ MORE

Will I have to stay put after squamous cell excision on front shin?

Will my stitches dissolve with excision on front shin from squamous cell READ MORE

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