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Is This the Right Path I Should Take For Excision of Keratocanthoma?

Is Moh's Surgery Appropriate Following Plastic Surgery Doing an Excision of a Keratoacanthoma with Skin Grafts and Cartilage Removal of the lower... READ MORE

MOHs Surgery Vs Surgical Excision for Non-face BCC While Pregnant?

I had a biopsy done for a 6.6mm mole on the right side of my abdomen and it came back as basal cell carcinoma. I am four months pregnant and trying to... READ MORE

Is This Surgery Necessary?

A small portion of the bridge of my nose excised and examined for basal cell carcinoma. Biopsy was positive. Further surgery (Mohs) is suggested.... READ MORE

Two years ago I had MOHs surgery followed by a skin graft on my face. Aesthetically, I'm very unhappy with the graft (Photo)

My skin graft has remained red and Im unhappy with how it looks on my face. I was reading an article about someone who had MOHs surgery in a similar... READ MORE

Did I get MOH's surgery?I think I got a standard, non tissue sparing excision.

2mm nodular BCC on neck. Appeared in Feb as an itching bug bite; by Mar. it looked like a classic BCC . Biopsy taken & cauterized to 5mm. Dr. said... READ MORE

Follow up to original question. MOH's procedure was not followed during my surgury. What should I do?

2mm Nodular BCC present 6 weeks After biopsy, defect 5mm across; Normal skin around. Signed for tissue sparing MOHs Dr. recommended.[ AUC8] One, WIDE... READ MORE

Should this pigmented nodular basal cell carcinoma be re-read by a dermatopathologist? Is the risk of recurrence increased?

A 63yo male developed a suspicious 7 x 8 mm raised lesion in the right pubic area over 2-3 months. An elliptical excisional biopsy was done by a... READ MORE

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