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Advice for Infiltrating Morphoeic Basal Cell Carcinoma diagnosis? (photos)

I was recently diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma on my upper lip area. The biopsy report describes it as Morpheic type extending to the lateral &... READ MORE

Using Frozen Sections for Primary Diagnosis of Skin Lesions?

I know many dermatologists are reading their own biopsies after sending the specimen off to a lab for processing and getting returned slides. What... READ MORE

Please, Wait Time Between Diagnosis of Melanoma and Surgury?

Clipping on 11th of month diagnosis of melanoma on head hairline fingernail size, Mohs surgery scheduled 4th of following month. Too long? READ MORE

I have been diagnosed with melanoma and basal cell carcinoma. I have a rash on my foot. Any suggestions? (photo)

I went to my doctor and it was only one small lump on the side of the right big toe My doctor said it was a wart Now it has spread tremendously. I... READ MORE

Does this look like an Infiltrative Basal Cell Carcinoma? If not, then what type of BCC does it look like? (Photo)

I have had 2 Superficial BCC spots successfully treated in the past with Imiquimod. Now I have this 3rd spot. My Dr said it may be an Infiltrative... READ MORE

Who should I see about getting a diagnosis?

I have 3 spots on my left arm, my lower back & my tailbone area . they all r resembling the patchy basel cell carcinoma. My paternal grandfather... READ MORE

Is it BCC inside my nose now or squamous cell?

There is a sore at the entrance of one nostril. It is in the little valley at the nose entrance. Hair grows a bit in there and this sore is very sore... READ MORE

Basal cell lesion removed 11/2016, infection and punch biopsy done 1/2017, pus around the punch site. Should I go back? (Photos)

I had basal cell removed from my scapula (Mohs) on Nov. 8, 2016. Post suture removal I noticed one extruding a little. On Jan. 23, 2017, the area... READ MORE

Is this basal cell carcinoma? (Photo)

This has faded away and come back over the past two years. READ MORE

I will need to have Mohs surgery for a small BCC on the top of my nose. How soon can I return to work afterwards?

I was just diagnosed with a small BCC of the top of my nose on the bridge. I have my consult next week. The PA who did the biopsy said it was in its... READ MORE

I require follow-up surgery upon melanoma diagnosis on scalp? Two Surgical options, I require recommendations please.

I require follow-up surgery upon melanoma diagnosis on scalp. Surgical options: 1. 1cm margin based on pathology and almond shaped lesion on frontal... READ MORE

New Diagnosis; is it dangerous or threatening at this time?

I have what is diagnosed as basil cell cancer inside my ear i know of it for at least one it dangerous or threatening at this time READ MORE

Advice on whether fibrous papule on nose could be BCC?

I had a spot appear on my nose in April 2010. I tried to remove using the usual methods- squeezing and picking. There was no pus when I squeezed and... READ MORE

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