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Can Mohs Surgery Wait a Month After Diagnosis?

If my recent biopsy of a very tiny, pimple-like thing on my cheek is basil cell cancer, can I wait 4-5 weeks after the diagnosis for Mohs surgery? I... READ MORE

I Am Having Mohs Surgery and Will Not Have Any Stitches or Sutures and I Am Worried I Will Have a Raised Scar or Lump. (photo)

It is on my left cheek. I am 32 and I am in marketing and I am very concerned about how I will heal on my own if my skin will come together properly... READ MORE

Mohs surgery done on cheek, when will swelling go away? (photo)

I had mohs surgery done 3 weeks ago in center of cheek. I experienced swelling in the area around my upper cheekbone. I still have a little swelling... READ MORE

Will lumpiness of MOHS surgery scar on cheek eventually flatten out?

I am just shy of three weeks post MOHS surgery for removal of a squamous cell carcinoma in situ from my right cheek. The incision has healed, but... READ MORE

I Am Having Mohs on my Left Cheek 1.5 Cm and Want to Try and Heal Naturally is This Ok?

I am having Mohs on my left cheek 1.5 cm and want to try and heal naturally is this ok?  READ MORE

I have two basal cells on my cheek & under my eye. My dermatologist wants to do Mohs surgery. What are my options?

I have two basal cells on my cheek and another under my eye. My dermatologist conducted a biopsy of the most recent one and wants to do MOHS to remove... READ MORE

I have a squamous cell cancer on my cheek.....nothing shows on the outside. Is Mohs the best way to go?

My doctor wants to do the surgery right away to take advantage of the insurance coverage........Is he just pushing for the business ? How do I check... READ MORE

Is superficial radiotherapy a good alternative to mohs surgery for treatment of basal cell carcinoma?

I have recently undergone mohs surgery for a bcc on my cheek. I experienced a MRSA infection and an ectropion eyelid that will require surgery. I have... READ MORE

I feel the Moh's "surgeon" went way too deep/wide on his first stage. Can you look at my before/after? (Photo)

I had a very small freckle that showed up between my annual derm appts. It's on my cheek and came back basal cell. Of course, they say cancer and... READ MORE

Does Procedure Remove Skin Cancer W/lift

Skin cancer located on side of face and behind ear on other side of face READ MORE

I had Mohs surgery to remove a BCC on my cheek 3 1/2 years ago. How can I reduce the appearance of the scar? (Photo)

There was a bump at the end of the scar that hadn't gone away after a year, so I had it removed 2 1/2 years ago; however, that procedure made the scar... READ MORE

Before performing mohs surgery, how do the surgeons know if it's gone to the bone or spread across my cheek? So scared! (Photo)

I have a basal cell that was misdiagnosed (was told it looked pimplely & related to rosacea) 8 years ago. I did not realize the seriousness & was... READ MORE

Basal cell? Nodular on the nasal fold of my left side of cheek? Concerned.

In in the Atlanta area and I'm worried about scarring afterward. What do recommend? Bad thing..I had to call them 7 days later to get my results. I'm... READ MORE

Can I wait to have radiation for 3 months after biopsy that showed bcc? (photos)

Picato on face, showed blisters (bridge and side of nose & cheek. 3 areas biopsied and bcc. Mohs not an option-area is so large. 8 wks of radiation... READ MORE

Residual swelling after Mohs surgery (cheek near nose). Any suggestions? (photos)

After 5-1/2 months, I still have a noticeable swelling (puffy soft lump) at the low end of my scar (cheek near nose.) I massage 5 times a day, as told... READ MORE

Should I continue to use Vaseline on my surgical wound after stitches were taken out?

I've had Mohs surgery on my cheek. My resulting surgery line is 5.3 cm. Stitches were removed yesterday-day 7. Healing is going well. Should I... READ MORE

I had a MOHS procedure on my left cheek and am fighting redness for 7 months now. I need help.

I am with a plastic surgeon now under his care, as the 4th surgeon who has looked at the MOHS results. I get redness, pus, acts like a pimple,... READ MORE

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