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Non-surgical Option to Remove Basal Cell Cancer?

I have a basal cell cancer on bridge of nose. I have an appointment in September for Mohs surgery. I haven't met with the doctor yet, but I do not... READ MORE

How to Repair Mohs Surgery Wound?

I had Mohs surgery on 8/14 to remove a basal cell cancer from my forehead. The wound is now open and covered and I'm weighing my options for repair. ... READ MORE

Waiting Too Long for Mohs Surgery?

I have just been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma on my scalp. The best Mohs Surgery plastic surgeon in my area can't see me until October... READ MORE

Are All Mohs Surgeon Qualified to Deal with DFSP Tumor?

Who is the most qualified MOHS surgeon that can deal with DFSP (Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberan) on the face? Hi, I had a MOHS surgery on my face to... READ MORE

I Have a DFSP on the Base of the Ring Finger, Would the Mohs Be the Best Option for Me?

DFSP about 18yrs ago, in the web space between baby and ring finger on hand. I had tumour removed and the web space that was involved. I was left with... READ MORE

Do Doctors Use MOHS Surgery for Moles That Are Suspicious or is It Just for Cancerous Skin?

My son had MOHS surgery on a mole. i was curious if this can be done if it is just suspicious or does it have to be cancerous to do this procedure? READ MORE

Lump above incision postoperative day 1 Mohs? (Photos)

I had Mohs surgery two days ago to remove a small nodular BCC. I think I overheard the surgeon say the final defect was 7 mm x 5 mm. It took one stage... READ MORE

What do I do with this biopsy hole while I wait for a month to see surgeon to remove more cancer? (photo)

Hi, I had a biopsy done about a week ago and it is determined that it is Basal Cell Carcinoma. My doctor did not feel confident to operate due to area... READ MORE

Is this cancer? (BCC) (Photo)

I have had this mark on my leg for 8 + years now. My dr. thinks its nothing to be concerned about, but all research suggest because it has two... READ MORE

I have a bump on skull after skin flap surgery. Is this normal?

I had skin flap surgery for skin cancer on my nostril about 10 months ago. The flap was cut from my forehead and attached to my nostril for about a... READ MORE

No sign of basel cell cancer after biopsy. Would the pathology repot be able to tell how deep it is?

I have had a large reddish limp with blood vessels showing around it for over 3 yrs. Had some type of biopsy done. A lot of pus came out and the... READ MORE

Could this be cancer? (photo)

My son is four years old and has this black weird shaped spot growing on his hand . He has always been sickly and light weight , never has an appetite... READ MORE

I have cancer (MOHS) on my head. I have had this for at least 6 years. How far would it spread in this amount of time?

Hair dresser told me I had something in my head, she removed It, left a hole in my head. i can't see this because of the location. It never quite... READ MORE

Follow up to original question. MOH's procedure was not followed during my surgury. What should I do?

2mm Nodular BCC present 6 weeks After biopsy, defect 5mm across; Normal skin around. Signed for tissue sparing MOHs Dr. recommended.[ AUC8] One, WIDE... READ MORE

Can a small first time squamous cancer wait 4 months before Moh's surgery?

I am a healthy athletic 55 year old. I have just had a small (size of sunflower seed) squamous removed from arm (about 2 inches from wrist; on the... READ MORE

SCC Timing; Is this too long to wait?

I have SCC on my lower right eyelid. The biopsy was 1/13 and the Mohs surgeon can't see me for consult until the 2nd week in Feb. I was also told the... READ MORE

When should the patient be educated about the potential need for nose reconstruction, before or just after the procedure?

I went to see a dermatologist to have a biopsy of a suspicious lesion on my nose. If it proved cancerous he recommended doing Mohs to minimize tissue... READ MORE

I was told that cannibus oil will reduce scarring and help wound to heal. Any truth? (photos)

II had mohs surgery on Tues. 11/15/16. I had 5 places that showed cancer. 2 on my forehead, 1 on my cheeck 1 on my left nostril and one on my thumb. I... READ MORE

Summary: Is there possibly more going on in this ear than 'just' basal cell carcinoma?

Lesion removed was inside of outer ear with a reaching tendril no further in canal than the cartilage. Both froz sections for clear margin came back... READ MORE

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