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Is It Safe to Use Lubricating Jelly in Place of Vaseline to Heal an Open Wound?

Finding the Vaseline difficult to cover/apply to the open wound from MOHS surgery on top of my husband's head .. Is it safe to use a Personal... READ MORE

What is a Good Alternative to Using Hydrogen Peroxide on an Open Wound Like Mohs Surgery?

I was told by the surgeon to clean the wound with hydrogen peroxide, but when I went to the plastic surgeon, he said not to. He said to let the water... READ MORE

Is it Worth Trying Aldara/Zyclara Before Going Through with Mohs Surgery?

I have Basal Skin Cancer on my left cheek. It is Micro Nodular not Superficial. I do not want a big scar from Moh's or Excision or Photo or Laser.... READ MORE

Is superficial radiotherapy a good alternative to mohs surgery for treatment of basal cell carcinoma?

I have recently undergone mohs surgery for a bcc on my cheek. I experienced a MRSA infection and an ectropion eyelid that will require surgery. I have... READ MORE

Can a RN Perform MOHS Surgery?

I was curious to whether or not a RN could perform MOHS surgery if the physician was on site? READ MORE

Alternatives to Mohs procedure?

Dermatologist took a biopsy of a suspected BCC on the right side of my nose near the tip. No results as of yet. But in doing my research on the web, I... READ MORE

Is Mohs surgery the only option for a very small nodular basal cell carcinoma on cheek near hairline? What are other options?

I had a small nodular basal cell carcinoma taken off and biopsied, now doctor wants to do Mohs, but I'd like to know if other options are available. READ MORE

Does any alternative to surgery of basal cell carcinoma exist in North America?

I have been diagnosed with sclerosing basal cell carcinoma on the tip of my nose. Diameter is 0.9 cm. Scheduled for MOHS in Toronto, Canada, but... READ MORE

Seeing a MOHs surgeon for lentigo maligna on cheek. Very large and close to mouth. Dr says my mouth will be pulled to the side

He will cut from cheek to ear and down neck. Skin will be pulled very tight. Area is heart shaped. Bottom of heart right next to mouth. Top about 3-4... READ MORE

Former MOHS site. Could this still be nerve regeneration or should I have it checked?

I had MOHS on the top of my head well over a year ago. It healed very well, left a pretty good size divet, which beats the alternative, but I'm having... READ MORE

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