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Should I Remove my Bandage and Let my Stitches Air out 4 Days After Mohs Surgery?

Just had Mohs surgery on my forehead 4 days ago. Can I take the bandage off for good and let the stitches air out now? Going to have them removed... READ MORE

What Should my Mohs Surgery on my Nose Look Like After 4 Days? Afraid It Didn't Take?

There Are Great Pictures of Before and Months after are there a series of pictures somewhere so I can see if it is ok? thanks READ MORE

Had mohs surgery, then skin graft 4 days ago?

Wondering after stitches are out this coming Wednesday and I'm sure it will be awhile yet, but how soon could I start wearing make up to cover up this... READ MORE

Will the Miss Piggy Look Fade Soon After Moh's Surgery?

Will the miss Piggy look fade soon? I had Moh's surgey 4 days ago. No graft, just a horizontal ridge of sutures---which I assume will be the big scar... READ MORE

Had MOHS on tip of nose 8/19/16 and I'm already concerned if it's healing ok. (photo)

Still a tiny amount of blood on bandages but it's not alot and it's not bright red. The nose is reddish purple. It's doesn't hurt any more but I'm... READ MORE

I am 6 days following Phase I of nasolabial flap, 4 days after Moh's procedure & have question about discoloration?

Phase II surgery at 3 wks planned. 1st postop appt dark skin ID'd edge of flap. Dr said blood flow to should come as I am healthy. Dr trimmed edge a... READ MORE

Had Mohs Surgery to remove Basal Cell cancer from left side of my nose 4 days ago, should I let it heal prior to repair?(photos)

The size of my whole from Basal Cell removal is a tiny bit bigger than a nickel. The cut is deep, but not down to my cartilage. Do you recommend... READ MORE

How long do you normally keep the bumble bee gauze on after skin graft? (Photos)

Had a 1.5 cm bcc on my nose which i had removed 4 days ago .how long is this gauze stitched on graft for .its feels very pressurised and sore. READ MORE

Mohs surgery 4 days ago. Surgeon said it was deep, not lateral, however due to the location I have a lot of stitches? (Photos)

Stitches come out in 3 days. Will the puffiness go down? It seems to be very much lateral. Thoughts? Should I see a plastic surgeon? READ MORE

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