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Slow Healing After Scalp Mohs Surgery

I had Mohs surgery over a year ago to remove basel cell from my scalp. Although the wound seems to start healing, inevitably it breaks open and we... READ MORE

What is the difference in Mohs surgery vs. excision surgeries?

Had a bcc removed using Moes last year. I have a confirmed bcc on my arm and the Dr states that my insurance wont pay for the Moes for this type and... READ MORE

Scar Revision and Nostril Lift?

I had scar revision 2 days ago to fix trapdooring and scarring from initial Mohs surgery 1 year ago. The basal cell was on my nose in lower third of... READ MORE

Mohs Correction on Scalp With Scalp Extender Treatment?

Female, late 40's who had mohs on scalp 1 year ago. stitches were too tight & subsequently opened leaving a nickel sized circular scar.... READ MORE

Why do I still have skin discoloration a year after the surgery on my face? (photo)

I had surgery a year ago to remove cancer from under my eye. They did a flap to the left side. I lost feeling and the discoloration has never went... READ MORE

I Had Mohs Surgery on my Nasal Tip That Left Me with on Nostril Pulled Up. What Can Be Done So my Nostril is at the Same Level?

It has been 15 months since my nose surgery and me left nostril is pulled up considerably. What can be done to lower the right nostril? Had many... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Remove an Unnatural Bump on the Dorsum of my Nose and Alleviate Pain? (photo)

Fourteen months ago I had Moh's surgery on the right side of my nose and next day plastic surgery. After sharing disappointing cosmetic results during... READ MORE

Basal cell carcinoma. What's the risk of recurrence?

I had a bcc removed last year,I have read of surveys that seem to suggest that I am at greater risk of more serious internal cancers,also that I will... READ MORE

Can my post-Mohs surgery scar be improved? (photos)

A year ago I had mohs surgery on my right cheek for a basal cell carcinoma. While I'm grateful it's not worse, I feel like the scar is still pretty... READ MORE

MOHs on nose. What can I do to improve the look? (Photo)

This pic is 13 months after MOHS Nose stool red and the stitch marks look like open pores. Make up just makes them look bigger. What can I do to... READ MORE

I had Mohs surgery November 2015 - am I still experiencing side effects?

I had Mohs surgery on my forehead in November 2015. I lost the feeling in my scalp and was told by my surgeon that the cancer had wrapped around my... READ MORE

How long should it be painful?

I had MOHS Surgery on my shin bone almost 1 year ago to the day, The surgery site still remains red, swollen and very painful. Walking long periods of... READ MORE

Former MOHS site. Could this still be nerve regeneration or should I have it checked?

I had MOHS on the top of my head well over a year ago. It healed very well, left a pretty good size divet, which beats the alternative, but I'm having... READ MORE

Which would be best for actinic keratosis, CO2 laser or blu-light therapy with Levulan Kerastick?

I had mohs surgery on nose 1 year ago, and recently have had 6 actinic keratosis froze off face. READ MORE

What should I do about the linear indent from the closure of my MOHs surgery a year ago? (Photo)

What should I do about the linear indent from the closure of my MOHs surgery a year ago? . Sadly I had one tiny layer taken and the plastic surgeon... READ MORE

Is it normal to have pimple bumps around graft a year after surgery? (Photos)

It has been a year since I had Mohs and skin graft on end of my nose. I keep getting pimple like bumps that bleed and scab over around one side of the... READ MORE

I had mohs surgery preformed on my ear 1 year ago, for removal of squamous cell. Now it has returned.

It is directly adjacent to the previous location. What do I do now? Just have it removed again? Ask to increase the margins when the recurrence is... READ MORE

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