Acne Scars + MiXto Laser

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Can Several Mixto Laser Treatments Completely Smooth out Acne Scars?

I have bad acne scarring on my cheeks and chin. It's causing me to be very insecure even with makeup on. Is it possible to completely smooth out acne... READ MORE

Mixto Laser Vs Active FX or Deep FX?

Which between Mixto Laser and Active FX or Deep FX is best for for smoothing skin texture from aging, sun-damage, acne scars, and some sagging? If... READ MORE

MiXto for Pock Marks and Red Acne Scars?

I have some pock marks on my face, mainly between my eyes, and some red marks from acne scars. Nothing too bad though, since my acne is under control... READ MORE

Mixto Laser 9 Months After Deep FX?

I am 22 years old and have a many boxcar and rolling scars on both of my cheeks and on the forehead as well (due to acne). Now I am considering a... READ MORE

Difference Between Mixto Laser and Active or Deep FX?

I am considering Mixto Laser for shallow acne scars, enlarged pores, and uneven texture. Is there is a difference between this laser and Deep FX or... READ MORE

Clogged Pores Affecting Mixto Laser Results?

I had Mixto Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing done 2 weeks ago, but don't see any difference for my large pores and acne scars. Do clogged pores... READ MORE

Mixto or Fraxel Laser for Acne Scars and Wrinkles?

I have some acne scars on the side of my face, some fine lines above my lips and the side of my lips, as well as around my eyes. I am interested in... READ MORE

Can Mixto Laser Cause Deeper Acne Scars?

I have had one treatment with Mixto patch areas actually. I want to know if the laser can actually make the situation worse and cause the scars to... READ MORE

Mixto Laser for Acne Pock Scars?

I'm interested in modeling, but I have red marks from acne and few pock marks. I was doing some research, and I'm really interested in Mixto Laser. I... READ MORE

Mixto Laser for Safe Very Oily Skin?

I have a lot of hypertrophic acne scarring (my skin resembles an orange peel and I do not have keloids. My skin is extremely oily and congested and I... READ MORE

Is Subcision with Co2 Mixto Reduce Deep Acne Scars on Asian Skin?

I have medium tone Asian skin with deep acne scars and I received 5 matrix rf sessions which made them worst and now have new scars from it. I was... READ MORE

MiXto SX CO2 Fractional Laser for Acne Scars when Fraxel Failed?

I have bad acne scars for years. For the last 2 years I had went through 6 sessions of Fraxel. There is improvement on my scars but it is still no... READ MORE

I Have Lines in my Face from Mixto Laser I Had Done 16 Days Ago? (photo)

I'm a 29 year old who went to a reputable board certified plastic surgeon for mixto laser 16 days ago for acne scars.On the 3rd day I noticed engraved... READ MORE

Which is better for rolling type acne scars? The Mixto laser or the Viva laser treatment? (Photo)

I got a consult for my acne scars and was recommended the mixto laser or the viva laser if I didn't want much down time. Which is better for rolling... READ MORE

Mixto CO2 laser vs Infini?

I like to know the difference between mixto co2 laser and infini . Which is better for acne scars? I've had fractional fraxel co2 before but didn't... READ MORE

Is this common technique of performing Mixto laser resurfacing? Was this an experiment? (Photos)

I Had a Mixto laser treatment yesterday for acne scars (forehead and temples). Doctor burned some "dots" where my acne scars was very severe and did... READ MORE

I Have Keloids Scars on my Face Am I Eligible to Proceed With Mixto Laser?

I'm 26 Male Asian, my skin is very Oily & i have Acne scars together with Keloid scars all over my Face. I have done Laser before but sadly... READ MORE

Benzoyl Peroxide Inhibits Collagen Production?

I underwent Mixto three weeks ago, to treat acne scars, and have decided to go back onto benzoyl peroxide to keep my acne under control. However,... READ MORE

Is Mixto SX Laser Supposed to Resurfacethe Skin? What's Going on with my Skin Getting Worse?

I am 31 female got Mixto SX laser resurfacing 3 weeks ago for slight rolling acne scars & lousy skin texture/post acne marks. No wrinkles yet, but... READ MORE

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