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Best Money I Ever Spent!!! - Madison, WI

Only if you have Hyperhidrosis can you truly understand the suffering associated with this condition. If you've ever done any of the following then you know what I mean. 1. Taken not just one, but two or three extra shirts to work every day. 2. Used the heater in your car to dry a shirt.... READ MORE

Severe Hyperhidrosis Patient; LOVED MiraDry! Wonderful Product! - Fort Myers, FL

I am 19 years old and have been suffering from severe hyperhidrosis for the past 7 years. I have tried all of the over the counter products and the special deodorants, even being prescribed special topical ointments, but nothing was stopping the amount of sweat I was producing. I always kept... READ MORE

Finally! A Solution to Hyperhydrosis! - New York, NY

Whole procedure took 1.5 hours. Initial shots were less painful than Botox shots, completely numbed the entire area. Feeling didn't come back until 6-7 hours later. Wand basically nukes your armpits and suction is painless. Much swelling and burning pain lasting first 24-48 hours. Advil was... READ MORE

One Treatment Not Sufficient - New York, NY

My first treatment was on April 27th 2012 with a nurse. The treatment is more painful than most users and the marketing brochures detail. To start, there are dozens of injections of lidocaine to numb the underarm area. The Miradry machine - which sounds like it is singing Enya repertoire oddly -... READ MORE

Miradry Review- No Sweat So Far - Mount Laurel, NJ

I wanted to write this review b/c I did alot of research before I did my procedure and it helped me alot. Before the procedure I suffered from excessive underarm sweating.. On a scale of 1-10, I was like a 9.5. I wore alot of black clothes and even used underarm garments. I tried every... READ MORE

MiraDry for Hyperhidrosis to Hopefully End Many Years if Excessive Sweating - Fort Myers, FL

I had the MiraDry procedure done recently by Dr. Brueck to hopefully end many years of excessive underarm sweating. Motivated by a desire to no longer have to throw away dress shirts with huge yellow stains, I finally looked into my options for both procedures and doctors. Luckily, I was very... READ MORE

Goodbye Botox Every Year! Miradry is the Best! - Wayne, New Jersey

I went to see Dr. Wise for botox under my arms for constantly perspiring and he recommended the treatment miradry. It can take up to a few treatments he said (1-2 times) and once he said that I was sold. I was doing Botox 1-2 a YEAR ! This has long lasting effects and took about an hour from... READ MORE

Aint Sweating It Anymore!! Los Gatos, CA

I had some perspiration issue so I seeked out the best solution that would aleviate all that and found this the best at targeting the problem areas! The whole procedure took about a few hours and was pain free! After the procedure just some swelling but overall much less sweating than it used to... READ MORE

39 Female - Tucson, AZ

I have have sweatiest pits ever since I can remember. I work in corporate America and wear black all the time. I ruin all of my clothes and drip visible droplets down my arms in a tank top. It sucks. I looked into Botox and read about too many scary Side effects thus canceling my 1st appointment... READ MORE

Do It! It is the Beginning of the Rest of Your Life! - Saint Louis, MO

I have struggled with excessive underarm sweating for the past decade. During that time I’ve tried prescription and over the counter deodorant, Drionic, and medication, but nothing worked long term and substantially reduced the sweating. So, the search continued and I found Miradry! I h... READ MORE

MiraDry Procedure- review and results

I used to suffer from excessive sweating for over 10 years now and had tried 2 prescription deodorants which didn’t work along with every type of regular deopdorants even the clinical brands. It was awful I would always wear BLACK shirts to hide sweat stains on my clothing. I would keep my a... READ MORE

Worth It For Severe Hyperhidrosis - Fort Myers, FL

Before the Mira Dry treatment in Dr. Brueck's office two weeks ago, my hyperhidrosis was out of control for years. It was interfering with my daily life and moving from New York to Florida two years ago only amplified the issue. I really didn't like the sound of any options out there; until I... READ MORE

Life Changing - Palm Harbor, FL

My experience was amazing. The procedure was so easy. The nurse numbed my underarms and then performed the procedure. The entire process took less than an hour. I can't believe in less than an hour I was sweat free. I haven't used deodorant since the day I had it done. No more ruined clothes and... READ MORE

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