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35 Yo Mom of Three Who Used to Wear Black Everywhere

It's only been 3 days and I'm still pretty swollen and tender to touch, but I don't care. Why is that? Because for the first time in my life my underarms are dry and odor free. Living in Texas this is a huge deal!!!! I used to wear black a lot and am so excited to be able to purchase colored... READ MORE

30+ Years of Suffering With Hyperhidrosis - NOT ANYMORE!! - Fort Myers, FL

I will not bore you with the details of what one goes through having Hyperhidrosis as you probably already know the embarrassment, hiding, and insecurity that goes along with the condition (it feels more like a disease). I will just say that after 30 years of suffering, I can now wear whatever... READ MORE

Miradry London, Uk

After coming across the Miradry reviews on this site i was very keen to try the treatment for odour control more than wetness and booked in to the PHI Clinic in Harley Street, London, UK. The clinic is very nice with a open reception, Having mixed up my appointment days they very kindly were... READ MORE

28-year-old Female, Sick of Sweating! - Gwynedd, PA

The past few years my hormones have changed, and I began sweating dramatically from my armpits. I've tried clinical strength deodorant that you only put on at night, and nothing ever seemed to work. I would have soaked armpits within minutes of applying deodorant for the day. I work as a... READ MORE

MiraDry So I Can Stop Sweating After Doing Nothing

I had my procedure done today, I never met the actual plastic surgeon that leads the clinic..the PA did the numbing and one of the nursing staff did the procedure. The consult/procedure was done in the same session and it's been since about noon since it was complete. I'm swollen and tender now... READ MORE

38 Year Old Woman Sweat Badly in the Groin Area. Tried Everything.

I was doing botox for about 1 1/2 years. It was helpful but I wanted a permanent solution. Took about 1 1/2 hours. The treatment was not painful. The injection of the lidocaine to numb the area was a bit uncomfortable but worth it. I am only 1 day post treatment so I still have some... READ MORE

My Experience with MiraDry So Far - Fresno, CA

Hello everyone, I would like to tell you all my experience so far with the miradry procedure. I had my first treatment in June 2016. The procedure itself is fairly smooth; there isn’t a whole lot of discomfort. The way they numb you is different. I received a total of four shots, each at both t... READ MORE

One Treatment and No More Sweat!

I was tired of ruining silk shirts with deodorant stains or having to wear a jacket during a presentation to make sure I didn't have sweaty armpits. The procedure took over an hour. The numbing process was much longer than I expected and then about 20 minutes per arm. Once everything was numb... READ MORE

20-Something Female - Three Mirady Treatments...

I'm providing this review because the feedback from others here on RealSelf was instrumental in helping me make my decision to go ahead with the MiraDry procedure. I would now like to share my experience, which was positive, and encourage others to do it. I noticed my sweating problem when I... READ MORE

28 Years Old - Beverly Hills, CA

Life changing procedure! I was suffering from hyperhydrosis for a long time. It was super uncomfortable and i was never able to wear pretty silk blouses or dresses. And then i discovered Miradry! Oh my God!!! I'm soooo happy. It's been 5 days after procedure and i feel great. No sweat no more,... READ MORE

Painful , Expensieve - and Not Working?

Since I have a rhythm disturbance on my heart I had to take beta blockers before the procedure and the surgeon couldn't use adrenaline in his injections. This ment a lot more pain getting the injections and the surgeon couldn't really tell where he had already injected the drugs cos the... READ MORE

Sweat-Be-Gone - Springfield, MO

My mom used to tell me that ladies don't sweat, they glisten. Well ma, I sweat. Like a 300lb linebacker. Only I'm not a linebacker, I'm a woman, a petite one at that. But no more!!! I had the Miradry procedure done and it has been wonderful! No more putting on deodorant after my morning... READ MORE

No More Staining my White Shirts - Complete Change of Lifestyle - Manhasset, NY

I have been ruining my white shirts for more than 10 years because of my sweat. I did my research and learned about miraDry and decided to have the procedure done with Dr. Sayeed who was recommended by a friend. The procedure was painless, after injecting some local numbing fluid he applied... READ MORE

Goodbye Botox Every Year! Miradry is the Best! - Wayne, New Jersey

I went to see Dr. Wise for botox under my arms for constantly perspiring and he recommended the treatment miradry. It can take up to a few treatments he said (1-2 times) and once he said that I was sold. I was doing Botox 1-2 a YEAR ! This has long lasting effects and took about an hour from... READ MORE

Thank Goodness for MiraDry! - Green Bay, WI

I have had excessive sweating from my underarms since I was twelve, and I am now 48. I had looked into many different treatment possibilities and either nothing worked or it was too costly for something that was not permanent. miraDry is the answer! I had my first treatment 20 days ago and am... READ MORE

Seattle Skin and Laser - Seattle, WA

I had the Mira Dry procedure done at Seattle Skin and Laser just short of a month ago and would highly recommend this location and the procedure for those who suffer from chronic underarm sweating. I had the first procedure done at an alternative location, thou shall not be named, and had an... READ MORE

I Think It Worked...- Feeding Hills, MA

Thirteen days since my first procedure and I wore a yellow shirt to work today! Yeah! My procedure experience was very similar to the other postings. I had 33 shots in each arm. I found that the shots hurt, some worst then others. I was treated at a level 4. With the exception of one spot,... READ MORE

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