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MiraDry for Chronic Underarm Sweat. Calgary, AB

Read a bunch about the miradry procedure and decided that it was the way I wanted to go. I read up about different places to go since being from Alaska it is not offered up there. After reading the reviews I decided on going to calgary alberta to I had the procedure done by Ildiko... READ MORE

Second treatment on Level 5 and Quite a Lot of Pain and Discomfort

So I have finally had the Miradry procedure done at the age of 22. Started sweating a lot at the age of 14-15. I tried pretty much all of the recommended antiperspirants for excessive sweating with loads of aluminum, all of the overnight aluminum chlorides such as Odaban, Sweatblock, Certain... READ MORE

27 yrs old, hope the recovery pain is worth it

I received the miraDry treatment yesterday at the California Skin Institute in San Jose. Dr. Abel is not my regular dermatologist, but she signed off on the procedure and I was treated by Kathy. I think I received around 24 numbing shots for each armpit and those ranged from barely noticeable... READ MORE

Asymmetry So Far - Atlanta, GA

I'm a man in my mid-20s, and I underwent my first miraDry procedure 9 days ago at level 5. My hyperhydrosis is moderate-severe, particularly after any caffeine - which is necessary, as I'm about to enter medical school. $1,500 was only for the first treatment. Consultation: Quick 5-minute... READ MORE

80% Of My Sweat Is Gone After 2Miradry Treatments - Montreal, QC

Lots of mixed reviews... My experience was successful. I've been doing Botox for my excessive sweating with Dr.Khanna for 3years. Up until Miradry came along. At first I was hesitant in doing the Miradry treatments but after two consultations with Dr.Khanna and staff I went for it...I'm so happy... READ MORE

Miradry Today - So Far So Good - Washington DC, DC

They placed numbing cream on first and let that take effect. Received approx 60 lidocaine injections per arm - no real pain there - it's like a small pinch and they scattered the inject points, so after the first few, the numbing took effect and reduced the feel of the rest. Based on the... READ MORE

So Pleased! - Canada

I had an amazing experience with this procedure, everyone working there was extremely nice including my doctor. The procedure itself was a breeze! I could barely tell when I was receiving the needles for freezing the area and when the miradry machine was going I could only feel slight suction.... READ MORE

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