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29 Years Old, MiraDry Has Been Life Changing! Fenton, MI

I can’t speak enough praise for the MiraDry system. I hope this review helps others choose the treatment method that’s right for them, and help those who are considering MiraDry. All of the community reviews on this forum convinced me to choose this procedure and answered a lot of questions and... READ MORE

One Treatment and No More Sweat!

I was tired of ruining silk shirts with deodorant stains or having to wear a jacket during a presentation to make sure I didn't have sweaty armpits. The procedure took over an hour. The numbing process was much longer than I expected and then about 20 minutes per arm. Once everything was numb... READ MORE

Best Decision I've Made - Charlotte, NC

Background: I have suffered from hyperhydrosis for the last 12 years (since 9th grade) and have tried everything in the book to minimize the effects of execessive sweating. The first sense of relief I had was botox injections back in 2010; however, they were pretty uncomfortable, and the... READ MORE

MIradry - West Chester, OH

I am a nurse and had stopped wearing my whites because of sweat stains. I assist in surgery which gets warm quick and nothing I had tried had ever helped. I had the miradry procedure done with Dr. Gandhi and I haven't worn antiperspirant/deodorant since. No more sweat stains, odor OR HAIR!!... READ MORE

College Student Sweats No More! - Houston, TX

As a college student in the great state of Florida, I used to sweat more than anything. It was ridiculous; it didn't matter what kind of shirt I wore there would be pit stains. Thanks to miraDry I no longer have that issue. Not only am I saving money by not having to purchase and wear... READ MORE

Great Decision! Springfield, MO

I was interested in the Miradry procedure from Dr. Kienstra’s office because I have my fair share of stained t-shirts from working out. The idea of not having to worry about deodorant was very appealing also! As a wife, busy mom of a 3 and 1 year old, and nurse, I can’t tell you how many tim... READ MORE

Tired of Deodorant Stains. Jacksonville, FL

I am a busy business woman! I had a mild problem with sweat, but really bothered me was the constant white stains on my clothing. I decided to give the Miradry treatment a try. I was surprised at the great results. I don't wear deodorant anymore, and I have minimal sweat! I had a lot of swelling... READ MORE

Mira-Dry Truly IS a Miracle! - Omaha, NE

It has been almost 7 weeks since my Mira-dry procedure, and I'm beyond happy! It went absolutely text-book, and the only 'complications' I've had (if you could even call it that) have been prolonged bruising and swelling, with some lumpiness. No big deal at all, and the results after just one... READ MORE

No More Sweat!! No More Deodorant! Jacksonville, FL

After using clinical strength deodorant for years to try to help decrease my under arm sweat, I decided to try a more permanent approach to fight this annoying problem. Those constant deodorant stains were also troublesome because I wear black for work on most days and that icky white stuff just... READ MORE

Saving on Dry Cleaning!! - Springfield, MO

I was very interested in doing this because of deodorant and sweat stains on my clothes. The treatment was very comfortable. I couldn’t feel a thing. I did have swelling afterward, which I was advised of and expected. It is now two weeks afterward and the swelling is almost completely gone. I... READ MORE

Miradry - Chandler, AZ

Have had hyperhidrosis since puberty, I used to bartend/serve and was so embarrassed all the time with pit stains sometimes I would where sweatshirts or a compression shirt with towels tucked in…so uncomfortable and embarrassing, especially serving at a 5 star restaurant in dress pants and a w... READ MORE

22 Year in the Work World - Atlanta, GA

The reason I got this was because I was always sweating so much. It didn't matter what I did. I had big sweat stains on my shirts. Eventually all my shirts are stained and I can not get them out. Now it is fixed. I no longer sweat under my arm pits at all. Thereally are so many pros but the only... READ MORE

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