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Painless Procedure, but Painful Recovery (24hours In)

I am a healthy, active, 165lb, 42 year old veteran, and consider myself pretty tough. I'm 24 hours post procedure, and although the most severe pain has mostly subsided I still feel like Mike Tyson used my pits as a punching bag (and it looks like it too). I had my procedure late yesterday... READ MORE

No More Wet Underarms! - Los Gatos, CA

I am a 27 years old female asian and I weigh about 115, 5'3. Prior to my decision to try miraDry, my body gets hot easily and during the summer I tend to sweat more than a normal person who doesn't easily get warm. Therefore, my underarms tend to be moister in the summer, and sometimes wet if... READ MORE

So Happy I Discovered MiraDry! - Palo Alto, CA

I have struggled since I was a teenager with pit stains and embarrassing sweating. I have never been able to wear bright colors for fear that I will have a wet armpit for the world to see. I have done Botox to the arm pits a few times, which works but it is very expensive, painful and only... READ MORE

28yo, Hyderhydrosis for 15 Years. Westport, CT

I suffered from hyperhidrosis most of my life. I've tried every over-the-counter deodorant every prescription strength deodorant and thought about Botox. Botox injections were going to cost me an arm and a leg and that's when I found Mira dry. I went to Westport dermatology today for the... READ MORE

MiraDry - Miami Beach, FL

I got one miraDry treatment under local numbing 2 weeks ago. Immediately, I had no more underarm sweat or need for deodorant. I had a little soreness and swelling for the first week or so but a little ice and ibuprofen took care of it. I am thrilled with my results and am bone dry under my... READ MORE

36 Years Old, with Hyperhidrosis - Fenton, MI

I had a huge problem sweating and decided to get it taken care of. I had 110 Lidocaine shots (55 each arm) and only about 4 hurt a little. I'm a guy and I'm a little bigger so that's why I had so many, but it really wasn't an issue. The technician was great! Out of about 60 total... READ MORE

MiraDry: I Hope It Works! - Panama City, FL

Hello my name is Jennifer. I have been suffering from hyperhidrosis since 5th grade, and I am 22 right now. I can't wear shirts with sleeves, and if I do I have to bring a jacket, or make sure I wear black shirts. I sweat constantly. The only time I don't is when I just relaxing at home. I can't... READ MORE

Wait and See, But Good So Far - Leesburg, VA

I discovered the MiraDry procedure purely by accident on the internet when I was looking for options in treating my excessive underarm sweating. Like alot of folks suffering from Hyperhidrosis, anti-perspirants just didn't work. I wore dark or black clothing to work, particularly on days when I... READ MORE

So Glad I Did This!! Never Realized I Had Such a Problem Until It Was Gone!!!

I had done a lot of research on this procedure, both patient reviews & medical journal reviews. I was very impressed, but I have to say it blew my expectations out of the water!! I have suffered with axillary hyperhidrosis since I was in middle school. You know, unable to wear certain... READ MORE

Worth Every Cent! - Atlanta, GA

I just wanted to say that though I am 3 months past my first procedure and will have my second later this month, the results of the first visit alone have significantly enhanced my quality of life. My sweating has decreased 90% and I feel like a new man. Like many others who have suffered... READ MORE

College Student Living in NYC

I was so happy to have this treatment done, it changed my life completely! I can easily take care of tasks without having to worry about my underarm sweat. Before miradry I would get to work or school after my commute very sweaty from the subway but I no longer have this problem! The swelling... READ MORE

Struggling with Hyperhidrosis

Last week I had my miradry treatment. I was nervous initially but Christie was very knowledgeable and patient with answering my questions. The procedure itself was painless. There was a little soreness the next day but nothing that wasn't tolerable. I would definitely recommend this to anyone... READ MORE

Armpit heaven

My recovery is a lot better than I expected!!!!! I had swelling and a little soreness, but nothing to run to Mom about. Needless to say, I am very impressed with the results, it's been 3 days and I have yet to smell anything under my armpits????????????????!! Cheryl LeClaire was super awesome... READ MORE

My Miradry experience - Does the solution really exist?

Firstly I wanted to say that I did the treatment 4 days ago but I am not able to record my testimony because I can not even find my country on the list much less the doctor. Sorry. I hope it behaves in the same way to read. I live in Portugal, I am 36 years old woman and I have suffered for many... READ MORE

No Regrets Here!

I had the Miradry treatment 5 days ago and I am loving it! The Staff was extremely friendly and well informed about the treatment, which quickly put to rest any worries or doubts I initially had. The nurse took her time explaining every detail and patiently answering all of my questions. My... READ MORE

MiraDry Miracle - Austin, TX

For a long time I've struggled with underarm sweating. It didn't seem to matter if it was hot or cold, I would still sweat. I've tried over the counter clinical strength antipersperants but never had lasting results. The biggest struggle was finding things to wear that didn't emphasize the sweat... READ MORE

I Was a Sweater! - Florham Park, NJ

I had the opportunity to have the Mira-Dry procedure done at The Peer Group. I heard about the procedure from a family member and chose to have the procedure done when I decided I no longer wanted to sweat through my sports jackets every spring. I was able to get an appointment at The Peer... READ MORE

20 Years Old College Student - Atlanta, GA

I went to get Mira dry at dermatology associates of Atlanta with Mara Grosswald, we did two procedures and it was the best decision of my life. I used to never wear anything besides white cotton shirts and now I don't sweat at all. I also have much less hair on my armpits and really only wear... READ MORE

No more sweating - Cincinnati, OH

I had hyperhydrosis (excessive underarm sweating). I am a teacher, and was very self-conscious about it in class and it was affecting my teaching. I had tried every other treatment method before this. After the first of two treatments, my sweating was greatly reduced. I just finished the... READ MORE

Very Noticeable Difference, Worth the Money. Omaha, NE

I had suffered from excessive underarm sweat for a rather significant amount of time before receiving the procedure. Over the past few years it had gotten to the point where it was incredibly inconvenient and affected my day to day life in a negative way. As a business professional I was limited... READ MORE

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