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Dont Sweat the Little Stuff!

Just like everyone else Im a sweater. My sweating started 30+ years ago. Im 46, so this battle is hopefully come to an end! Ive read alot of reviews the past couple of weeks before having miradry done. Ive gotten to the point that leaving the house was so scary, that I had to make excuses to not... READ MORE

Trying out MiraDry 5/13/15!!! - San Antonio, TX

I don't believe I sweat excessively but I do sweat and my clothes do start to smell after a few uses. I won't even mention how lovely female hormones are when they mess with your BO. Well my dermoltogis told me about miraDry and I decided to try it out. Some patient even reported no underarm... READ MORE

Such a Relief - DRY.

Excessive underarm sweating was a real issue for me. My clothing was constantly wrecked, I was paranoid about smell, and nothing but a round of very expensive Botox every 6 months would prevent the constant wetness. The MiraDry procedure took perhaps 90 minutes from when I stepped through... READ MORE

Procedure Changed my Life

I was 69 years old a year ago when I found the Beachwood clinic that did the miradry procedure on me. I had been looking all my life for some relief of constant underarm sweating. To my relief and ultimate joy I can say I've never felt more free to go places and do things that I hesitated or... READ MORE

31 Year Old Buissness Woman - Beverly Hills, CA

I have been sweating profusely under my arms since high school. It has served as an embarrassment for over 15 years. All my clothes used to have large pit stains or smell of BO. From an adolescent female teenager throughout my adulthood I tried every deodorant that has been on the market and in... READ MORE

Miradry + Iontophoresis = New Lease on Life at 32yo - Singapore, SG

Background: I've suffered from severe hyperhidrosis since I was in the 5th grade. Hands drip (even in air-conditioning, so handshakes SUCKED), my armpits would sweat THROUGH suit jackets (so I could only wear black/dark clothing and suits), and my feet sweat through canvas and leather shoes. ... READ MORE

Smelly Armpits - Severna Park, MD

I have suffered w/underarm odor for years. It is genetic and has been nothing I can do. I have good hygiene, but as soon as sweat comes outside of my armpits mixed with my natural bacteria, there is odor. At 39 I just decided enough is enough. I have tried meridry today and after much... READ MORE

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