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Best Money I Ever Spent!!! - Madison, WI

Only if you have Hyperhidrosis can you truly understand the suffering associated with this condition. If you've ever done any of the following then you know what I mean. 1. Taken not just one, but two or three extra shirts to work every day. 2. Used the heater in your car to dry a shirt.... READ MORE

55-year Old Male - Easy Procedure - Miradry is Amazing! - Norwell, MA

After decades of daily heavy underarm sweating, I can now go with just a small amount of deodorant on workdays, and even just a little or none on the weekend. No more daily wet underarms and shirts. This is everything I had hoped it would be, now that it's two weeks after having the procedure... READ MORE

Miradry 2nd Treatment in 3 Months - Skokie, IL

Suffered from hyperhidrosis since 13 years old. I'm now 45. Symptoms, arm pit sweating after getting out of the shower, sweat rolling down side of body on cold days, when I wasn't even hot. Getting to work and being damp and never drying out until I got home and took a shower, ruining... READ MORE

MiraDry Experience - Louisville, KY

I have struggled with severe hyperhidrosis since going through puberty. I sweat through whatever I wear and I have embarrassing sweat marks that ruin my clothing, not to mention the uncomfortable feeling of consistent wetness under my arms. I had the procedure performed approx 36 hours ago... READ MORE

First Miradry Treatment - New York, NY

Lidocaine injections were uccomfortable but tolerable.I was not iced prior to injections, as mentioned in other reviews. Left side needed more anesthetic. It is dry, but swollen. The right side BEGAN TO PERSPIRE IMMEDIATELY (15 min.) after leaving clinic. The setting was #2. Hoping last visit... READ MORE

MiraDry Worked for Me! 19 Year Old Female - Skokie, IL

I had my first treatment of miraDry in May 2012. I had been suffering for years and I finally found a procedure that I knew would help me forever. It was easy telling my Mom, but we had to convince my Dad. I ended up having the procedure less than a week after hearing about miraDry and telling... READ MORE

First Procedure Done 08/29/12 - Miami Beach, FL

I have hyperhydrosis since I can remember, so I went to have the first Miradry treatment in August in which the nurse decided to set the machine in a level 2, right after the procedure I started to sweet again, no change at all, not even a 10% improvement. Problably I need a higher level,I just... READ MORE

Still Sweating - New York, NY

I had the miradry procedure done about a month ago. I was very pleased at first. But I am sweating again. I never had any type of body odor before. My sweat used to smell like nothing. All of a sudden after this procedure it has an odor. I know people are saying they go twice. I only went once... READ MORE

The Name of the Product is Appropriate! - Dallas, TX

This review is being written two days after the treatment. I am a 6'9" 42 year old man from Dallas, TX. I have had heavy armpit sweat since I was 14 years old. As I live in Texas, it is a daily test for my anti-perspirant and undershirts. I am a confident person, but armpit sweating has altered... READ MORE

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