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MIRADRY Review from Winnipeg MB

Hey guys I will try to make this as quick as possible :) I have had hyperhidrosis my whole life, under my arms. I remember it affecting me as far back as grade 7, playing basketball in the gym at school in a grey tee shirt before class. I knew I was going to accumulate huge sweat stains but... READ MORE

Severe Nerve Damage 7 Weeks out - Arizona, AZ

Painful treatment that has resulted in very sensitive fingertips, numbness/pins & needles feeling in hand, armpit & tricep. I get shocking sensations sent down my arm daily & I have about 10% strength in my thumb, index and middle fingers. Neurologists are saying 2-12 months til resolved. Don't... READ MORE

Great Other Than Dry Shave - Washington DC, DC

FYI to men: TRIM YOUR PITS BEFORE. I had an angry nurse who dry shaved the heck out of my skin. Large investment but well worth it. I used all types of antiperspirants and shirt pads, nothing worked. . Since surgery (2 weeks ago) I've had no sweat AT ALL. I was really sore first night/ 48hrs.... READ MORE

Recommend. Recovery is Okay - San Juan Capistrano, CA

First treatment yesterday (they recommend second treatment at 3 months). Start to finish about 2 hours. A few needle pricks of local anesthesia with very small gauge needle. Minimal pain during the actual procedure. Modest swelling post op. I would recommend ice packs for 12-24 hours. A bit... READ MORE

So Pleased! - Canada

I had an amazing experience with this procedure, everyone working there was extremely nice including my doctor. The procedure itself was a breeze! I could barely tell when I was receiving the needles for freezing the area and when the miradry machine was going I could only feel slight suction.... READ MORE

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