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MiraDry - Omaha, NE

I had my first procedure done yesterday at a 5 level. Nurse injected Lidocaine shots into each of my armpits once that was done the procedure started. I did not feel anything at all (armpits were numb) the procedure literally only took about 1hr & 20mins. It was quick & nurses at MedSpa answered... READ MORE

Easy Fix

I just completed my miradry treatment Monday of this week. I was interested in the treatment due to uncomfortable sweating under my arms during the hot months (in Texas, about 11 months out of the year!). The treatment was quick, easy, and painless! I had minimal bruising and swelling the night... READ MORE

Results Better Than Expected! NO SWEAT.

My Motivation: With my body type, I tend to wear more form fitting clothing. I wear fitted dress shirts for my profession, often. The problem I had was that I had a tendency to sweat under my arms when outside in pretty much any weather, and this resulted in very obvious pit stains. MiraDry... READ MORE

Life changing experience - Dr. Jervis

Recovery from my underarm Miradry treatment was quick and painless! My treatment was performed on a Monday and I experienced absolutely no downtime from work. I had very little swelling and Dr. Jervis recommended OTC pain pills if needed but I never had to take any. I fully recovered within just... READ MORE

An amazing quick procedure

Miradry is a fast and efficient way to prevent excessive perspiration Dr Jervis and his team made the procedure seamless I would definitely recommend this procedure for people who don't want underarm stains on clothing and to people who have an offensive odor, especially after a work out. ... READ MORE

One of my favorite doctors

I had an above amazing experience! I went there very nervous but sure on the procedure I was getting which was Miradry for my hyperhidrosis. Dr. Nazarian made sure to answer all my questions and the staff were all super welcoming. I felt at ease and really cared for. The procedure itself went by... READ MORE

Miradry Miracle - Manhattan, NY

After struggling with excessive armpit sweating, I opted to try Miradry. Instead of shelling out thousands per year for Botox injections in my armpits, which isn't permanent, patients pay one set price for a procedure that permanently destroys the sweat gland. A microwave ray is emited into the... READ MORE

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