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No Onion Here :) Cary, NC

I'm still happy I did the mirdry procedure ! My main reason was I've always been really really musty. I sweat so bad under my armpits ever since I was in kindergarten. Until I had the miradry procedure. Before miradry It was so hard for me. I couldnt go dancing because my armpits would... READ MORE

Looking for a Solution. Glenview, IL

I was researching treatments for underarm odor since my prescription medication and current deodorant stopped working (which has been the pattern since I was 12 yrs old). I have a consultation with Dr Casas this week and I'll most likely get procedure depending on what the doctor says. I'll... READ MORE

40 Year Old Married Mother of 4 Finally Doing Something for Me. - Kenosha, WI

Enough is Enough! These sweaty pits are holding me back. Let me start by saying that I absolutely LOVE this site! I had my first round miradry treatment 6 days ago and so far so good. I have tried prescription antiperspirant that left me singed and raw after each use and I still would sweat... READ MORE

Miraposa Spa Oklahoma. Oklahoma City, OK

I'm having the first treatment of miradry tomorrow. I'm very excited. I've suffered from underarm sweating n smell since I was a teen. Unable to wear sweaters, tight and long sleeve shirts due to the smell it'll leave on them. No deodorant works for me cept Clinical strenght... READ MORE

MiraDry Actually WORKS for Excessive Underarm Sweating/odor Treatment

I've suffered from excessive underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis) and underarm odor since I was a teenager. I sweat even when it's 30 degrees outside. I sweat when I am nervous and when I am not, I can be doing absolutely nothing, and I sweat. The odor that came along with it was just the icing... READ MORE

MiraDry First Treatment, I Hope It Works. Columbus, IN

Today I had my first treatment. I have suffered from both sweating and odour problems :(Had the procedure in the morning, now is about 10:30 pm and my armpits are veryyy swollen, mild bruising. Not a lot of pain, however a "weird"feeling I cant really describe( maybe burning?) in the underarms, ... READ MORE

Hope This Goes As Well As It Did for the Rest of You! - Roseville, CA

While shopping around for a doctor that could perform Botox I found the MiraDry website and this website. One of the many Botox doctors I researched mentioned the 'MiraDry' procedure was a better/permanent way to cure excessive axillary sweat and odor. I investigated: learned the procedure, read... READ MORE

Been Having Sweat and Odor Problem Ever Since I Had my Son. Gwynedd, PA

Hi everyone am getting the Miradry tomorrow . I'm scare nervous about the procedure , I did some research on it so far so good. I just want to get rid of sweat and odor problem so I can feel more confident when I'm around people , I pray that it's work out fine.???????? will keep you guys... READ MORE

Miradry Experience - Leawood, KS

I'm a 19 years old female who has been suffering from excessive underarm sweating since 6th grade and that's not even the worst part. Because of this 24/7 underarm sweating I have a body odor. Even if it's snowing outside and I'm just sitting doing nothing I still sweat profusely. Hold on I know... READ MORE

Miradry - First Procedure April 13th, 2012 - Hermosa, Beach, CA

I had my first procedure on April 13th and I have been sweat and odor free for 5 days, but this morning I am a little sweaty - not anywhere near what I was before as I have a severe case of hyperhydrosis under my arms, facial/cranial and torso. I'm feeling a bit disappointed today. I... READ MORE

So Glad I Did It!!!!

It has been 6 weeks since my miraDry treatment and I couldn't be happier. As a scrub tech, I am in a gown most of the day, and I sweat a lot. I could usually deal with that, but it was the odor that I was having an issue with. Seems the older I get the worse it has been getting. So when I... READ MORE

miradry for body odot

I would advise anyone thinking of having miradry for the elmination of body odor against it. If anything it has made my armpit odor worse. basially 1500 pounds down the drain to make my problem worse. READ MORE

Sudden Underarm Odor, Miradry Didn't Help at All, IDK if It Was Done Correctly - Tampa, FL

I am very disappointed with this place. I spent $1800 for a miradry procedure and I do not think that it was done correctly. Before the procedure she called me and asked if I could reschedule the procedure because the doctor would not be there. I told her that I was unable to reschedule because... READ MORE

no more embarassing underarm sweat! - Birmingham, AL

I cannot express the level of dedication and care that Dr. Hedden provides every time I am under his care. He truly is an amazing man and is the best in his field. I came in to have the MIRADRY procedure done to stop excessive underarm sweating, and Dr. Hedden and his nurse practitioner Traci... READ MORE

Miradry - Life Changing! - Glenview, IL

I used to have REALLY bad sweating in my armpits. I'd worry so much about sweat stains and body odor from the sweating that it made me sweat even more! I tried so many different strong antiperspirants and so-called natural remedies, but nothing worked! I found Dr. Casas here on RealSelf and read... READ MORE

MiraDry Experience - Sugar Land, TX

I am very happy I chose to do the MiraDry procedure with Dr. Ravi. I no longer have any sweating or odor in my armpits and I also no longer have to wear deodorant! The procedure was virtually painless and I was able to return to work the same day. I would definitely recommend this procedure to... READ MORE

No More Sweat Stains or Body Odor - Reno, NV

I had the MiraDRY procedure because I hate those sweat marks on my clothes and body odor that happen even though I use deodrant/antiperspirant. This procedure was done at Janiga MDs Plastic Surgery and Dermatology in Reno Nevada. After my armpits were numbed with a local injection the... READ MORE

"MiraDry Best Choice Ever!" - Rockwall, TX

MiraDry helped me immensely , I used to have a foul odor in my underarms if I forgot to put deodorant on, we all have a busy life and I'm sure many can relate! The MiraDry procedure made that all better no more odor and no more hair!! I loved that the procedure didn't take very long, I... READ MORE

Miradry for Odor - Chicago, IL

I've had a history of bad body odor which, as a woman, caused me a great deal of anxiety and embarrassment. As soon as I hit puberty, I wasn't able to wear any synthetic fabrics without developing noticeable odor, which was the first sign that this was more of an issue for me than other girls.... READ MORE

Did It for Odor

I did Miradrcat level 4 on one armpit and level 5 on the other armpit...it worked for sweating but I did it more for odor... I seem to smell even after the procedure but I'm trying to see if antiperspirants make me smell more. When I'm home and don't wear any I don't smell but as soon as go out... READ MORE

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