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MiraDry - Left with No Reduction in Sweating and Would Not Recommend AVA MD if You Want This Procedure Done. Beverly Hills, CA

I did my research and was excited for this procedure but half way through, my arm felt like it was on fire and the practitioner kept on telling me that this was normal. Several months later I am left with permanent scarring and no reduction in sweating which was not only disappointing but caused... READ MORE

Sudden Underarm Odor, Miradry Didn't Help at All, IDK if It Was Done Correctly - Tampa, FL

I am very disappointed with this place. I spent $1800 for a miradry procedure and I do not think that it was done correctly. Before the procedure she called me and asked if I could reschedule the procedure because the doctor would not be there. I told her that I was unable to reschedule because... READ MORE

Miradry Sadness - New York

I decided to do procedure. Although I know that I might need two more , I was expecting more...I've had excessive sweating since 8yrs through adulthood. .I was hoping I could finally stop dressing like I only receive funeral invites. after a burn, excessive itching, and sweating more idk... READ MORE

Not Worth the Pain and Post Op Complications - Bay Area, CA

I've had hyperhydrosis since I was a kid. Not only are my armpits effected but my hands and feet are horrible as well. I got Miradry at a Medspa. The initial shots of the local anesthesia are what hurt the most. The remainder of the hour is not painful. BUT..POST OP IS HORRIBLE! My underarms... READ MORE

Didnt Work... I Dont Even Have Hyperhidrosis! - Brampton, ON

I wanted to get the procedure done because since turning 27 yo, my underarm sweating would cause odors that I had never had before. I've never sweat that much, and there was even a period in my life that I didnt need deo that much. But since turning 27 yo, it was different, I believe its because... READ MORE

Worried It Didn't Work - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I have been suffering from hyperhidrosis since my early teens. Pretty much the same story as anyone else. So I had the Miradry procedure performed about a month ago. I am not happy at all. I did level 5. I hoped to see at least a 50% in sweat reduction. Most reviews claim either zero sweat or... READ MORE

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