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46 Years Old.

I was inspired by the possibility of never having to buy deodorant again and even minimizing the sweat. I was told by the doctor that it was safe and that I possibly would need two treatments but not for sure. I got the one treatment and about six months after my underarms started to develop... READ MORE

My Miradry Experience in Treating Hyperhydrosis - Calgary, AB

Hey everyone! Well first a huge thankyou to everyone on the board for writing all their reviews of the Miradry procedure. They were tantamount in my decision to also go for the treatment. In addition a personal thankyou to those of you I spoke with directly after procedure who gave me confidence... READ MORE

MiraDry Definitely Works! - Orchard Park, NY

Since the age of 14 I have been sweating excessively for no reason. Even just by standing/sitting doing nothing. I will sweat out of no where. I am now 27 and decided to get the miradry procedure done. I live in Toronto and the doctor I went to was Dr Hratch in Orchard Park, NY just out of... READ MORE

Does Miradry Really Work

I had the Miradry procedure done yesterday around 2:30pm. Beginning to end I was in the office for 2 hours.The numbing of the skin was the worst part. I would not say that it was painful, I would say that there was a pinching and burning sensation that was uncomfortable. It seemed as though it... READ MORE

Experience with MiraDry

I had the MiraDry procedure done one time through my work for free in order for the technician to gain more experience. I was a great candidate since I had struggle with hyperhidrosis. During the procedure I experienced minimal pain and discomfort. I was however really jacked up on whatever was... READ MORE

24 Year Old Guy - Ankeny, IA

Been experiencing severe sweating since I was 14 - made me the most self conscious person ever. Experimented with other treatments (Botox, drysol, etc.) and just wasn't satisfied with the non-permanent nature of these treatments. Had MiraDry done 12/23 in Ankeny, Iowa. For the next several days,... READ MORE

40 Years Old, Could Sweat Through a Sports Coat...easily - Eden Prairie, MN

I had the procedure done one day ago in Eden Prairie, MN. The nurse, Lisa was very nice. Everything you've read about the initial shots being a little uncomfortable is true. The heating element provides no discomfort because after the shots feeling in your pits is gone. After one day I am in a... READ MORE

Painful , Expensieve - and Not Working?

Since I have a rhythm disturbance on my heart I had to take beta blockers before the procedure and the surgeon couldn't use adrenaline in his injections. This ment a lot more pain getting the injections and the surgeon couldn't really tell where he had already injected the drugs cos the... READ MORE

Mira-Dry Truly IS a Miracle! - Omaha, NE

It has been almost 7 weeks since my Mira-dry procedure, and I'm beyond happy! It went absolutely text-book, and the only 'complications' I've had (if you could even call it that) have been prolonged bruising and swelling, with some lumpiness. No big deal at all, and the results after just one... READ MORE


I'm a 29 year old white female and I've been a heavy anxiety sweater since puberty, when I would wear my winter coat all day in school to cover up my wet pits. I don't sweat excessively unless I'm nervous.I was treated on a level 5 and it has reduced 95% of my sweating at this point (about 6... READ MORE

MiraDry is Truly a Lifestyle Changing Procedure! Scottsdale, AZ

I had my first miraDry, another treatment was suggested in a couple months. Because my armpits were numbed the procedure itself was completely pain free. When the numbing wore off a few hours later I was sore and felt like I had a large lump (baseball size) in my armpit. It was annoying but... READ MORE

SO Worth It, Seriously - Atlanta, GA

I struggled with hyperhidrosis for years, but one of my main concerns was odor. No matter how much deodorant I used, or showers I took, after a while my underarms would smell. I did not soak my clothes with sweat or have large noticeable sweat rings. I have tried a ton of different deodorants,... READ MORE

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