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Painless Procedure, but Painful Recovery (24hours In)

I am a healthy, active, 165lb, 42 year old veteran, and consider myself pretty tough. I'm 24 hours post procedure, and although the most severe pain has mostly subsided I still feel like Mike Tyson used my pits as a punching bag (and it looks like it too). I had my procedure late yesterday... READ MORE

MIRADRY Review from Winnipeg MB

Hey guys I will try to make this as quick as possible :) I have had hyperhidrosis my whole life, under my arms. I remember it affecting me as far back as grade 7, playing basketball in the gym at school in a grey tee shirt before class. I knew I was going to accumulate huge sweat stains but... READ MORE

Hope This Goes As Well As It Did for the Rest of You! - Roseville, CA

While shopping around for a doctor that could perform Botox I found the MiraDry website and this website. One of the many Botox doctors I researched mentioned the 'MiraDry' procedure was a better/permanent way to cure excessive axillary sweat and odor. I investigated: learned the procedure, read... READ MORE

Just Had Miradry Yesterday.Ireland, IE

I've only just had this done yesterday so I cannot comment on its effectiveness yet. I do want to document the procedure though, so might as well start from the beginning. I have had hyperhidrosis and sadly bromhidrosis since hitting puberty. I sweat so much, its actually incredible. I used to... READ MORE

MiraDry is a Indeed a Miracle Tx- Armpits Pour No More... - Park Ridge, IL

MiraDry is miraculous!!! I finally feel like I can "live life" without worry about severe underarm sweating...I no longer claim it's "my" condition because I'm really cured! Underarm Sweat glands-disabled! Everyday since both treatments six months ago, I pinch myself because I REALLY don't... READ MORE

39 Female - Tucson, AZ

I have have sweatiest pits ever since I can remember. I work in corporate America and wear black all the time. I ruin all of my clothes and drip visible droplets down my arms in a tank top. It sucks. I looked into Botox and read about too many scary Side effects thus canceling my 1st appointment... READ MORE

1st Miradry Treatment - Skokie, IL

I have had hyperhydrosis since jr high & I am 41 now. My parents insisted I'd grow out of it, but I never did...I tried all kinds of deodorants, but nothing would stop the underarm sweating, not even prescription deodorant - it could be freezing out & I would still have drips coming down from... READ MORE

January 2014 - Treatment Booked - Charlotte, NC

My MiraDry appointment is tomorrow afternoon. I have used Botox for the past few years - with doctor's letter of medical necessity - but insurance has stopped paying for the injections (will only cover the Botox RX). I cannot afford to pay out of pocket $1,000 for each injection (I need... READ MORE

Words Can Hardly Describe the Feeling....Denver, CO

I'm 28 years old and have suffered from hyperhydrosis for the last 14 years. It seemed hard enough being a teenager, and this was one more thing to add to my insecurities. Through these years, there wasn't a moment in the day that I wouldn't think about how much I was sweating....and that seemed... READ MORE

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