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My First MiraDry Experience - Sydney, Australia.

Hello fellow RealSelfers, Note: This review is going to be pretty lengthy and detailed documentation of my experience doing my first treatment. Read if you have time and/or are curious about the procedure. To begin, I uploaded images of my sweat patches to show you my sweating problem before... READ MORE

MiraDry for Extreme Sweating - Nashville, TN

Let me start by saying, I've had extreme sweating from my armpits my entire life. It would happen pretty much as soon as I took a shower. Apply deodorant/antiperspirant and within 2 minutes I'm already sweating through whatever shirt I'm wearing. I could literally do nothing, sitting and... READ MORE

My Miradry Procedure! - Haverford, PA

I got miradry on December 4th. It is now December 7th and I feel great!! I've had little to no downtime. I got my procedure done by Dana at Ringpfeil Dermatology in Haverford, Pennsylvania. Dana did an amazing job, she talked me through the whole procedure and made sure I was comfortable... READ MORE

Wait and See, But Good So Far - Leesburg, VA

I discovered the MiraDry procedure purely by accident on the internet when I was looking for options in treating my excessive underarm sweating. Like alot of folks suffering from Hyperhidrosis, anti-perspirants just didn't work. I wore dark or black clothing to work, particularly on days when I... READ MORE

Wonderful, wonderful office

Wonderful staff. Everything is explained, they care for you throughout the procedure and afterward, calling to make sure you're feeling alright and healing well. I love this office immensely. Received the miraDry treatment, twice, and they have been fabulous and attentive every step of the way. READ MORE

38 Year Old Woman Sweat Badly in the Groin Area. Tried Everything.

I was doing botox for about 1 1/2 years. It was helpful but I wanted a permanent solution. Took about 1 1/2 hours. The treatment was not painful. The injection of the lidocaine to numb the area was a bit uncomfortable but worth it. I am only 1 day post treatment so I still have some... READ MORE

38F No longer needs deoderant

This procedure is life changing. For as long as I can remember, I've battled sweat and B.O. Most deodorants gave me a rash, especially the very strong versions. I tried botox, which left me clammy yet still stinky before finding out about miraDry on this site. Note there are (at least) two... READ MORE

MiraDry for Hyperhidrosis to Hopefully End Many Years if Excessive Sweating - Fort Myers, FL

I had the MiraDry procedure done recently by Dr. Brueck to hopefully end many years of excessive underarm sweating. Motivated by a desire to no longer have to throw away dress shirts with huge yellow stains, I finally looked into my options for both procedures and doctors. Luckily, I was very... READ MORE

Chronic Underarm Sweating Finally Resolved - Cincinnati, OH

I have suffered with hyperhidrosis my whole life and tried all manner of prescription antiperspirants and the like - nothing seemed to work. I had to speak at a funeral and visibly sweated through an undershirt, a dress shirt, a suit jacket and a wool coat. I could not raise my arms in public... READ MORE

MiraDry is SO worth it!! - Mount Pleasant, SC

I've waited approximately 3 weeks to write my review so I could provide my full experience for people wanting to know more. I am a 28yo white (of Italian descent) female, and since I've been a little girl I have created awful pit-stains in all my shirts and dresses. I would wear tank-tops as... READ MORE

Sweat What Sweat I'm Dry As a Bone - Madison, WI

I used Drysol for appr. 6 years with results but still some sweating with certain clothes and still staining of clothes. I have had axillary hyperhidrosis since elementry school it was very embarassing to have sweaty armpits that young and while not doing any physical activity. I was always self... READ MORE

My Dark Skin & Miradry - Charlotte, NC

I was a little concern with going through with the Miradry procedure for several reasons. I was most concerned that this was not a treatment for people of darker or African American complexion, since I had never seen anyone of my skin color giving testimonial advice; I just assumed it was... READ MORE

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