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Sweating Has Completely Returned, Feeling in Fingertips Has Not - Belgium, BE

As most of you, I was thrilled to hear about the MiraDry treatment. It seemed like the solution I was waiting for since 20 years! I had my treatment on 8/05/2015 (highest level). The pain was just bearable, except for my left arm. During the procedure, 2 times I got a terrible shooting pain... READ MORE

Lost the Feeling in my Fingers Thanks to MiraDry - Netherlands

I had an exessive sweat problem so I decided to try MiraDry. I have had the MiraDry treatment here in The Netherlands. Since the treatment (middle of May) I have lost feeling in my right index and middle finger... They keep telling me it will be fine, but I don't believe it. So please think... READ MORE

Severe Nerve Damage 7 Weeks out - Arizona, AZ

Painful treatment that has resulted in very sensitive fingertips, numbness/pins & needles feeling in hand, armpit & tricep. I get shocking sensations sent down my arm daily & I have about 10% strength in my thumb, index and middle fingers. Neurologists are saying 2-12 months til resolved. Don't... READ MORE

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