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excessive sweating + miraDry

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Life Changing

I suffered from hyperhidrosis since I was 12 y/o. I used to think it was not fair for life to give me this "lemon". How can I make lemonade with this type of lemon? I was already extremely shy, went through lots of verbal and psychological abuse during childhood, and hyperhidrosis just pushed me... READ MORE

MiraDry Actually WORKS for Excessive Underarm Sweating/odor Treatment

I've suffered from excessive underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis) and underarm odor since I was a teenager. I sweat even when it's 30 degrees outside. I sweat when I am nervous and when I am not, I can be doing absolutely nothing, and I sweat. The odor that came along with it was just the icing... READ MORE

23 Female

I wanted the Mira dry do to the fact I had excessive underarm sweating. Not only that I had a Oder and it caused a smell not like bo it caused headaches and nausea. Now that I am in the second day I can't put my arms down I feel like I have gulf balls under my arms it's extremely swollen. I have... READ MORE

Wonderful Experience and No Sweating! - Garden City, SC

I had the opportunity to get the miraDry procedure done and I am soooo happy I did. I had been suffering from excessive perspiration ever since puberty. Not able to wear fun colors, sweating through several shirts in the middle of winter.... all of the daily obstacles associated with... READ MORE

7 Months After First Treatment

My review is one of mostly disappointment, at least after my first treatment (I will go to my second one next month). I have suffered since a teen with excessive sweating and after reading all the reviews here I decided to try out the Miradry treatment. Although it did seem successful for the... READ MORE

Such a Relief - DRY.

Excessive underarm sweating was a real issue for me. My clothing was constantly wrecked, I was paranoid about smell, and nothing but a round of very expensive Botox every 6 months would prevent the constant wetness. The MiraDry procedure took perhaps 90 minutes from when I stepped through... READ MORE

2 years later: disfigured and sweaty - Calgary, AB

At the time of writing, I underwent my first miraDry treatment three months ago and am a week away from my second. Insert typical case history here: I'm a 26-year old male sufferer of drenching underarm sweat since mid-puberty...so desperate to abandon my condition as a "human faucet" that I... READ MORE

Sweating Came Back

I have hyperhydrosis and could not keep up with wearing just cotton tops as I work in a professional environment so I had to get miradry done as most people said it is very effective. The nurse practitioner who performed the procedure was kind, however, the painful outcry was disregarded. She... READ MORE

Hello MiraDry Goodbye Sweating!

My story is probably similar to many people that have excessive underarm sweat. I was frustrated after trying every remedy available: prescription creams and anti-perspirants and even Botox injections to try and stop my embarrassing underarm sweat, but to no avail. I had read an article about... READ MORE

33yo F W/excessive Sweating - Florham Park, NJ

I had been receiving Botox injections in my axilla every 3-6 months since approximately 2008 for excessive sweating. My physician mentioned, MiraDry, that would alleviate the need for Botox every few months. The procedure was painless and quick (maybe 1-1.5 hours). I was quite comfortable due to... READ MORE

no more embarassing underarm sweat! - Birmingham, AL

I cannot express the level of dedication and care that Dr. Hedden provides every time I am under his care. He truly is an amazing man and is the best in his field. I came in to have the MIRADRY procedure done to stop excessive underarm sweating, and Dr. Hedden and his nurse practitioner Traci... READ MORE

Worth Every Penny! - Raleigh, NC

For years I had been dealing with embarrassing sweat. Every time I would pick out an outfit or buy a new shirt, I had to consider the fabric and color to make sure they wouldn't show my sweating (I wore a lot of black cotton). I tried everything to keep me from sweating so profusely: "Clinical... READ MORE

Two Weeks in - Hopeful but Still Not Sure - Austin, TX

The first time I remember being embarassed by huge sweat stains on my clothing was when I was 14. I sweat a great deal all over - but the armpit sweat is the most embarassing. And, I sweat when it is hot AND when I'm nervous . . . so it is definitely a year-around issue for me. I typically... READ MORE

37 Y/o and Was Tired of Underarm Sweating!!! - Rockwall, TX

I have suffered from excessive underarm sweating all my life. I finally found a solution to my problem! This has been the best thing for me to do for my issue! I would totally recommend it to anyone looking to reduce underarm sweating & eliminate the majority of underarm hair growth. I can... READ MORE

Best Decision I've Made - Charlotte, NC

Background: I have suffered from hyperhydrosis for the last 12 years (since 9th grade) and have tried everything in the book to minimize the effects of execessive sweating. The first sense of relief I had was botox injections back in 2010; however, they were pretty uncomfortable, and the... READ MORE

MiraDry Experience - Grafton, WI

MiraDry is truly life changing! The entire procedure was relatively painless (with the exception of a few pokes of a small needle to numb up the areas). I was able to go back to work right after the procedure and even went to my college class the next day with no problem. I would recommend... READ MORE

no sweat!!! - Norwell, MA

I am a medical professional in a dermatology office. We offer MiraDry and I was elected to have the procedure done. I suffer from overactive sweating of my bilateral axillae and have for numerous years. I was embarrassed to wear certain types of clothing. I would have to apply and reapply... READ MORE

Goodbye Botox Every Year! Miradry is the Best! - Wayne, New Jersey

I went to see Dr. Wise for botox under my arms for constantly perspiring and he recommended the treatment miradry. It can take up to a few treatments he said (1-2 times) and once he said that I was sold. I was doing Botox 1-2 a YEAR ! This has long lasting effects and took about an hour from... READ MORE

31 Female, Miradry Procedure - Spring, TX

I wouldn't say I have excessive sweating, but like everyone I had moments when I felt it was an issue. I tend to sweat more when I feel stressed or anxious, which would only make me feel worse. I heard about the treatment from a friend who had true hyperhidrosis and had the treatment done. I'm... READ MORE

28 Year Old Sweat Free!!!!! - Cincinnati, OH

I am a very active 28 year old and have suffered with severe underarm perspiration since I was a teenager. I changed dress shirts 2-3 times during my work shifts, and my t-shirts were always a mess. Dr. Mendelsohn met with me to review the procedure and gave me realistic expectations on... READ MORE

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