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Waited 13 Years to Fix my Hyperhidrosis - Ambler, PA

I just had my procedure done yesterday and I'm so happy that I finally found a solution that it isn't Botox every 3-6 months. Strella was wonderful from the start and Jill was a joy to work with. It's been 36 hours since my procedure. I had some minor discomfort yesterday but that has subsided... READ MORE

5 Weeks Post--Definitely Worth It! - Vienna, VA

I was extremely unsure about this procedure going in, and I had done a lot of research to see if it would last and how effective it would be. I finally decided to take the plunge after talking to Dr. Gerrish (see below). He explained how they did the anesthetic and procedure at maximum energy... READ MORE

MiraDry - for Hyperhydrosis. Wichita, KS

After dealing with hyperhydrosis for many years, I finally decided to try MiraDry. I've tried so many deodorants and prescription solutions for years but It wasn't helpful enough. I would sweat and wet my shirts so much that I was basically wearing black clothing or dark color shirts all the... READ MORE

Beat That Underarm Sweat! - San Antonio, TX

Although I never struggled with excessive underarm sweating, I was so tired of feeling self-conscious any time I wore a tank top or dress. Undergoing the miraDry procedure has already changed my life and its only been 1 month! I can wear tank tops, dresses, and bikinis without having to worry... READ MORE

Severe Hyperhidrosis Patient; LOVED MiraDry! Wonderful Product! - Fort Myers, FL

I am 19 years old and have been suffering from severe hyperhidrosis for the past 7 years. I have tried all of the over the counter products and the special deodorants, even being prescribed special topical ointments, but nothing was stopping the amount of sweat I was producing. I always kept... READ MORE

Wait and See, But Good So Far - Leesburg, VA

I discovered the MiraDry procedure purely by accident on the internet when I was looking for options in treating my excessive underarm sweating. Like alot of folks suffering from Hyperhidrosis, anti-perspirants just didn't work. I wore dark or black clothing to work, particularly on days when I... READ MORE

Wonderful Result (Now 48 Hours Out) but Slight Concern with Internal Bleeding (See Photo) - Japan

After reading all the great reviews for miraDry on this website, I decided to go for it myself. I have dealt with the embarrassment of excessive underarm sweating for as long as I can remember and have even tried the botox treatment once a few years ago. (Although the botox worked very well, it... READ MORE


I had miraDry done at Dr. Christa Clark's Granite Bay Cosmetic Surgery Center. The procedure took about 1 1/2 hours. I sat in a comfortable chair, slightly reclined with my arms above my head. Nurse Katie anesthetized my underarms with a local anesthetic. During the procedure there was no... READ MORE

No more sweating :)

This is coming from someone who is a huge skeptic on any cosmetic procedure. If you're debating on whether or not to go through with Miradry, I highly recommend it. My pain level during that hour of treatment was about a 2/10. The results were instant. There's no down time & I was at work... READ MORE

Miradry Procedure

For years I've had problems with sweating and underarm odor. I tried several expensive deodorants and nothing worked. A few months ago I searched online for underarm sweating like I normally do and found several reviews on Miradry. Everything seemed legit and there were no bad reviews so I... READ MORE

No Regrets Here!

I had the Miradry treatment 5 days ago and I am loving it! The Staff was extremely friendly and well informed about the treatment, which quickly put to rest any worries or doubts I initially had. The nurse took her time explaining every detail and patiently answering all of my questions. My... READ MORE

My Experience with MiraDry So Far - Fresno, CA

Hello everyone, I would like to tell you all my experience so far with the miradry procedure. I had my first treatment in June 2016. The procedure itself is fairly smooth; there isn’t a whole lot of discomfort. The way they numb you is different. I received a total of four shots, each at both t... READ MORE

Glenview IL

I had a Mira Dry procedure today with Dr. Casas at Glenview. The procedure took about 2 hours. Dr. Casas, included all personnel,were very nice, friendly and helpful. During the procedure I did not feel any pain at all, later on about 5 hours later I felt a little discomfort under my arms but... READ MORE

MiraDry the Miracle - Austin, TX

MiraDry the miracle! Seriously! I’ve never had the issue of sweating through my shirts, huge rings .. none of that. On the other hand, if I were to get the least bit warm I would notice some body odor. I would not go anywhere without reapplying deodorant. As soon as I got out of the shower, d... READ MORE

45-year Old Male with Some Sweating Issues - Newport Beach, CA

Over the last several years, I had been receiving injections of either Botox or Dysport to help with underarm sweating. It was never a major problem, but it was annoying enough that I often wore white shirts. The toxin injections required about 30 injections under each arm, which was... READ MORE

MiraDry Has Completely Changed my Social and Business Life - Bristol, GB

The benefit of undertaking MiraDry to resolve my underarm hyperhidrosis has been truly wonderful. I find myself far less tired. Why? Simply, because I am not using up so much energy worrying and having to plan exit strategies when my inevitable perspiration would occur. This has really... READ MORE

3/4 of my Life I Have Suffered from This, and Now at the Age of 43 I Took the Leap - Denmark, Europe

I had been suffering from hyperhidrosis since my early teens, and I had been struggling with it silently for many years (I am now a 43 year old man). About 17 years ago I was waiting for a procedure where the underarms would be cut open and the sweat glands would removed. I contacted the... READ MORE

I Was a Sweater! - Florham Park, NJ

I had the opportunity to have the Mira-Dry procedure done at The Peer Group. I heard about the procedure from a family member and chose to have the procedure done when I decided I no longer wanted to sweat through my sports jackets every spring. I was able to get an appointment at The Peer... READ MORE

How MiraDry Helped Me Stay Dry in the Conference Room. Little Rock, AR

As a young professional in public accounting, my job requires me to constantly travel to several locations, meet new people, and present to my superiors and my clients. Wearing a suit all day can be hot, but having an issue with excessive underarm sweat can only make matters worse. Other... READ MORE

MiraDry, Wish I Had Known About This Sooner! Trumbull, CT

Money so well spent! So happy that I treated myself to MiraDry. During my consultation, the process was explained in detail, and all of my questions were answered. As I researched further, my additional questions were promptly answered via email and phone. The procedure took less than an hour... READ MORE

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