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Giving miradry a Try!

First of all, let me just admit it. I'm addicted to this site! It's so informative and REAL! So the last 2 years I noticed I was sweating a lot in my underarms. I went from regular deodorant, once a day, after my shower and being done with it. Nowadays, I slather on extra strength deodorant... READ MORE

Miradry Really Works - Baton Rouge, LA

I recently had a new procedure at work. It is called Miradry. Basically, I takes away underarm sweat, and odor. ( and a little lagniappe is that I will not have hair under my arms.) I no longer have to wear deodorant. I went to my Mom and Dads this weekend to help build my father a screened in... READ MORE

MiraDry - for Hyperhydrosis. Wichita, KS

After dealing with hyperhydrosis for many years, I finally decided to try MiraDry. I've tried so many deodorants and prescription solutions for years but It wasn't helpful enough. I would sweat and wet my shirts so much that I was basically wearing black clothing or dark color shirts all the... READ MORE

Miraposa Spa Oklahoma. Oklahoma City, OK

I'm having the first treatment of miradry tomorrow. I'm very excited. I've suffered from underarm sweating n smell since I was a teen. Unable to wear sweaters, tight and long sleeve shirts due to the smell it'll leave on them. No deodorant works for me cept Clinical strenght... READ MORE

55-year Old Male - Easy Procedure - Miradry is Amazing! - Norwell, MA

After decades of daily heavy underarm sweating, I can now go with just a small amount of deodorant on workdays, and even just a little or none on the weekend. No more daily wet underarms and shirts. This is everything I had hoped it would be, now that it's two weeks after having the procedure... READ MORE

Life is Simpler with Tamed Armpits - Seattle, WA

It has been approximately 7 weeks since I was treated with Miradry at level 5. I wanted to wait to see how the treatment settled in before posting a review. Long story short, this is the coolest sh*t ever. I am in my late thirties. I suffered excessive underarm sweating and odor since my early... READ MORE

38F No longer needs deoderant

This procedure is life changing. For as long as I can remember, I've battled sweat and B.O. Most deodorants gave me a rash, especially the very strong versions. I tried botox, which left me clammy yet still stinky before finding out about miraDry on this site. Note there are (at least) two... READ MORE

One Treatment and No More Sweat!

I was tired of ruining silk shirts with deodorant stains or having to wear a jacket during a presentation to make sure I didn't have sweaty armpits. The procedure took over an hour. The numbing process was much longer than I expected and then about 20 minutes per arm. Once everything was numb... READ MORE

Hello MiraDry Goodbye Sweating!

My story is probably similar to many people that have excessive underarm sweat. I was frustrated after trying every remedy available: prescription creams and anti-perspirants and even Botox injections to try and stop my embarrassing underarm sweat, but to no avail. I had read an article about... READ MORE

MiraDry is Worth Every Penny! - Hammond, LA

I decided to go this route because I had been researching natural deodorants. I was looking to use something without aluminum. Now I don't have to buy any deodorant at all. It's an easy in-house procedure and you get numbed so you don't feel a thing! Easy recovery time; I only took one day off... READ MORE

I Don't Remember Where I Left my Deodorant... YAY! - Palo Alto, CA

We've never met, but you already know my story: embarrassed by armpit sweat, tried every deodorant on the shelf and online with no noticeable difference, limited wardrobe options. A friend had mentioned that she saw this brochure at her plastic surgeon's office and thought I might be interested... READ MORE

Love It So Far. Puerto Rico, PR

I used to sweat all the time but the amount of sweat was not as bad as other persons, however it was enough to hold me from living a normal social life. I tried every single deodorant/antiperspirant but they wouldn't help much. I went to Novaderm in Bayamon, PR and the physician assistant... READ MORE

How MiraDry Helped Me Stay Dry in the Conference Room. Little Rock, AR

As a young professional in public accounting, my job requires me to constantly travel to several locations, meet new people, and present to my superiors and my clients. Wearing a suit all day can be hot, but having an issue with excessive underarm sweat can only make matters worse. Other... READ MORE

MiraDry, Wish I Had Known About This Sooner! Trumbull, CT

Money so well spent! So happy that I treated myself to MiraDry. During my consultation, the process was explained in detail, and all of my questions were answered. As I researched further, my additional questions were promptly answered via email and phone. The procedure took less than an hour... READ MORE

Underarm Sweat and Odor - GONE! - Rockwall, TX

Throughout my life I have struggled with irritation/allergic reactions under the arms forcing me to try many different deodorants and antiperspirants; even the most natural deodorants gave me problems. miraDry has provided me a permanent solution to my problem....saving me money and future... READ MORE

Sweat No More - Bridgeport, CT

Successful procedure with easy recovery!! I was up and back to my normal routine in days with little pain. I would sweat profusely even if I was cold, and this fixed the problem completely!!! I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who has sweating problems. I no longer need to wear... READ MORE

45 Years Old - Should Have Done This Sooner! - Naples, FL

I had the miraDry procedure at Dr. Gulin's office. I didn't have a severe problem with sweating, but I really disliked the oder associated with sweating and working out. Ruth and Diana, the staff that performed the procedure, were very professional, gentle, informative, and comforting. Dr. Gulin... READ MORE

Great Decision! Springfield, MO

I was interested in the Miradry procedure from Dr. Kienstra’s office because I have my fair share of stained t-shirts from working out. The idea of not having to worry about deodorant was very appealing also! As a wife, busy mom of a 3 and 1 year old, and nurse, I can’t tell you how many tim... READ MORE

Sweat-Be-Gone - Springfield, MO

My mom used to tell me that ladies don't sweat, they glisten. Well ma, I sweat. Like a 300lb linebacker. Only I'm not a linebacker, I'm a woman, a petite one at that. But no more!!! I had the Miradry procedure done and it has been wonderful! No more putting on deodorant after my morning... READ MORE

No More Sweat!! No More Deodorant! Jacksonville, FL

After using clinical strength deodorant for years to try to help decrease my under arm sweat, I decided to try a more permanent approach to fight this annoying problem. Those constant deodorant stains were also troublesome because I wear black for work on most days and that icky white stuff just... READ MORE

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