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MiraDry - Sugar Land, TX

I had the miraDry procedure done exactly one month ago today. I was given information about it from my ps and decided to give it a try. So upon hearing about the great benefits of not having to sweat under my arms and the possibility of hair loss there I was still a little skeptical. So I went... READ MORE

Hope This Goes As Well As It Did for the Rest of You! - Roseville, CA

While shopping around for a doctor that could perform Botox I found the MiraDry website and this website. One of the many Botox doctors I researched mentioned the 'MiraDry' procedure was a better/permanent way to cure excessive axillary sweat and odor. I investigated: learned the procedure, read... READ MORE

Second treatment on Level 5 and Quite a Lot of Pain and Discomfort

So I have finally had the Miradry procedure done at the age of 22. Started sweating a lot at the age of 14-15. I tried pretty much all of the recommended antiperspirants for excessive sweating with loads of aluminum, all of the overnight aluminum chlorides such as Odaban, Sweatblock, Certain... READ MORE

Female, Australia. Melbourne, AU

I have had severe underarm sweating (hyperhydrosis) for as long as I can remember. I was searching for Botox options online when u came across Miradry and decided to put up the $2000 AUD for the initial treatment. My treatment was performed by two extremely proficient nurses. Initially I had... READ MORE

29 Years Old, MiraDry Has Been Life Changing! Fenton, MI

I can’t speak enough praise for the MiraDry system. I hope this review helps others choose the treatment method that’s right for them, and help those who are considering MiraDry. All of the community reviews on this forum convinced me to choose this procedure and answered a lot of questions and... READ MORE

Sadly Not Worth It

I was thrilled to finally save the money for this surgery. Procedure and recovery are simple enough. Sweating ceased for about 3 months. It was glorious! Now my underarm sweating is back to normal as if the surgery never happened. I thought this was the end to my extreme hyperhidrosis. With no... READ MORE

Happy with miraDry

I suffered with excessive underarm sweating since I was a pre-teen. I can't count the number of clothes I've thrown out because of stains. I had 1st miraDry treatment in Aug. 2016. Some sweating returned after about 6 weeks. I decided to get a 2nd treatment after waiting 3 months. Had the 2nd... READ MORE

Sudden Underarm Odor, Miradry Didn't Help at All, IDK if It Was Done Correctly - Tampa, FL

I am very disappointed with this place. I spent $1800 for a miradry procedure and I do not think that it was done correctly. Before the procedure she called me and asked if I could reschedule the procedure because the doctor would not be there. I told her that I was unable to reschedule because... READ MORE

No More Sweat Stains! - Sugarland, TX

I was always interested in getting botox injected into my underarm area but extremely hesitant on getting it done due to the cost for every treatment. Once I heard about MiraDry, I was very intrigue by the process. After a couple weeks of research, I finally decided to dive in and get this done... READ MORE

Mira Dry Review 02/12/16. Fort Wayne, IN

I have suffered from Hyperhidrosis my entire life. I figured it was time to make a change so i wanted to have mira dry done. Dr Phillip Rettenmaier from Fort Wayne, Indiana was the closest certified Mira Dry operator near me. I called him and scheduled an appointment within 3-4 days of my phone... READ MORE

What a Relief. Ankeny, IA

I have suffered from hyperhidrosis since puberty (possibly earlier but definitely became embarrassing at that point). I tried Drisol, wore layers of clothing to hide pit stains, threw away shirts and shoes seasonally thus procedure was a God send for me. I had the procedure done on a Friday... READ MORE

The MiraDry Treatment is Worth the Cost!! Norwell, MA

It's hard to believe that a problem I have had my whole life could disappear so quickly and completely. After years of learning to tolerate and cope with sweaty underarms, I finally found a treatment that was tolerable, affordable and actually worked! I started noticing this excessive sweating... READ MORE

Chronic Underarm Sweating Finally Resolved - Cincinnati, OH

I have suffered with hyperhidrosis my whole life and tried all manner of prescription antiperspirants and the like - nothing seemed to work. I had to speak at a funeral and visibly sweated through an undershirt, a dress shirt, a suit jacket and a wool coat. I could not raise my arms in public... READ MORE

My Detailed Miradry Experience-Washington DC. Fulton, MD

I'll start by saying that I have had moderate-to-severe hyperhidrosis for over ten years. My wardrobe consists of black tops, in cotton only. Forget about silk blouses. Light colors? Not a chance. Sweat itself has no odor, but I've noticed that it mixing with certain fabrics can lead to a not-so... READ MORE

MiraDry for Underarm Odor- So Very Worth It! Life Changing! - Littleton, CO

I have had excessive underarm odor since before puberty, but not excessive sweat. I carried deodorant everywhere (car,purse, office) and would reapply several times a day. I couldn't wear clothes that came anywhere close to my armpits or they would be ruined by smell. I had MiraDry done twice,... READ MORE

January 2014 - Treatment Booked - Charlotte, NC

My MiraDry appointment is tomorrow afternoon. I have used Botox for the past few years - with doctor's letter of medical necessity - but insurance has stopped paying for the injections (will only cover the Botox RX). I cannot afford to pay out of pocket $1,000 for each injection (I need... READ MORE

Didn't Work for Me After 2 Treatments - Langhorne, PA

Procedure wasn't so bad-- the numbing was the most difficult part. Recovery was fairly easy--I followed the icing instructions exactly and minimal pain. But..I'm still sweating a lot-- both arms. I'm due up for my 2nd treatment in two weeks. I am keeping my fingers crossed as the... READ MORE

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