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Disappointed I'll Need a 2nd Treatment - Trumbull, CT

I decided to pursue MiraDry and suffering years of excessive sweating. I am in a very public profession and honestly sick of always wearing black. The sweating was not constant, but enough where I felt like it impacted my confidence in certain environments. I've tried drysol, as well as one... READ MORE

My First MiraDry Experience - Sydney, Australia.

Hello fellow RealSelfers, Note: This review is going to be pretty lengthy and detailed documentation of my experience doing my first treatment. Read if you have time and/or are curious about the procedure. To begin, I uploaded images of my sweat patches to show you my sweating problem before... READ MORE

21 Years Old. Miradry Has Saved my Life - New Orleans, LA

This is going to be very long, so brace yourself. I just want to tell my story in full because I think it is important. When I was in sixth grade, I started sweating profusely from my armpits. I didn't know why, and it was embarrassing. I tried to ignore it, at first, but it soon proved... READ MORE

Looking for a Solution. Glenview, IL

I was researching treatments for underarm odor since my prescription medication and current deodorant stopped working (which has been the pattern since I was 12 yrs old). I have a consultation with Dr Casas this week and I'll most likely get procedure depending on what the doctor says. I'll... READ MORE

First Round on Miradry Treatment. Baltimore, MD

So this review will be fairly short. I have been suffering from axillary Hyperhidrosis since the age of 13. I have tried everything known to man (topical deodorants, Botox, acupuncture, axillary curettage aka suction of sweat glands) and nothing has worked so Miradry was definitely my last... READ MORE

Fingers Crossed - Fort Worth, TX

Like most of you, this is something I battled for many years. My outfits consisted of a black shirt or a colored shirt with a jacket over. When asked by others why I had a jacket on, I'd simply reply "I'm always cold"... which was a lie of course. I always carried body spray and deodorant in my... READ MORE

MiraDry: I Hope It Works! - Panama City, FL

Hello my name is Jennifer. I have been suffering from hyperhidrosis since 5th grade, and I am 22 right now. I can't wear shirts with sleeves, and if I do I have to bring a jacket, or make sure I wear black shirts. I sweat constantly. The only time I don't is when I just relaxing at home. I can't... READ MORE

MiraDry So I Can Stop Sweating After Doing Nothing

I had my procedure done today, I never met the actual plastic surgeon that leads the clinic..the PA did the numbing and one of the nursing staff did the procedure. The consult/procedure was done in the same session and it's been since about noon since it was complete. I'm swollen and tender now... READ MORE

Life is Simpler with Tamed Armpits - Seattle, WA

It has been approximately 7 weeks since I was treated with Miradry at level 5. I wanted to wait to see how the treatment settled in before posting a review. Long story short, this is the coolest sh*t ever. I am in my late thirties. I suffered excessive underarm sweating and odor since my early... READ MORE

Great experience

I had the MiraDry procedure with Dr. Brauer and am 100% satisfied. I was able to schedule appointments easily, the consultation was very informative, the procedure was painless and staff were all very friendly and accommodating. READ MORE

I had a fantastic experience - Williamsville, NY

I recently had the MIRADRY procedure, He got me in for it within 4 days after consultation, It has changed my quality of life for the better. I noticed instantly a change. fantastic guy, very informative, great staff, recommended to anyone ! READ MORE

I Recommend Dr. Zeidler & Her Wonderful Team! - MiraDry - Campbell, CA

I had an amazing experience at Dr. Zeidler's practice while having my MiraDry treatment. Elaina has the best technique, informed me about what she was doing during the entire treatment and made me feel really comfortable! I was in and out after about an hour and went back to my daily routine. I... READ MORE

Hello MiraDry Goodbye Sweating!

My story is probably similar to many people that have excessive underarm sweat. I was frustrated after trying every remedy available: prescription creams and anti-perspirants and even Botox injections to try and stop my embarrassing underarm sweat, but to no avail. I had read an article about... READ MORE

Miradry, Dr. Michelle Place & Staff - Highly Recommend - San Ramon, CA

I highly recommend scheduling a consultation at Dr. Michelle Place's practice for any service, especially to for the procedure MiraDry. I am EXTREMELY happy with my results from the treatment. I do not need to wear deodorant anymore! My sweat has almost completely stopped, I would say 80%. Which... READ MORE

Miradry - Life Changing! - Glenview, IL

I used to have REALLY bad sweating in my armpits. I'd worry so much about sweat stains and body odor from the sweating that it made me sweat even more! I tried so many different strong antiperspirants and so-called natural remedies, but nothing worked! I found Dr. Casas here on RealSelf and read... READ MORE

Staying Dry. Chicago, IL

Had miraDry procedure performed for overly sweaty armpits that really started to be bothersome and embarrassing. I would say I was on the moderate to severe side. It is a steep price to pay but for me was worth it. I'm glad I had it done. When Dr Erickson says during the consultation that you... READ MORE

MiraDry and Dr. Weintraub Are Fabulous! - Palo Alto, CA

I saw both Dr. Weintraub and Dr. Lim for my consult and not only were they very nice and courteous but very knowledgeable and non pressuring. After my procedure the pain was super minimal and was able to goto work the next day. It has been about two weeks and I am very happy and pleased with my... READ MORE

No More Sweat Stains! - Sugarland, TX

I was always interested in getting botox injected into my underarm area but extremely hesitant on getting it done due to the cost for every treatment. Once I heard about MiraDry, I was very intrigue by the process. After a couple weeks of research, I finally decided to dive in and get this done... READ MORE

Miradry. Marlton, NJ

I just got the Miradry procedure done on 5/3/2016 that's why I'm not sure if it was worth it yet, but I just felt the need to let people know what I learned. After having a few consultations I realized that not every place did the tumescent numbing technique. Some places had an aesthetician... READ MORE

I Want Level 5 of Miradry - New York

So I am going into college in September of 2015. I suffer from hyperhidrosis and I do not want to bring this issue with me to college so I really want to get the procedure done on the highest level. I have a consultation coming up soon, but I don't know how I will ask for level 5 since most... READ MORE

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