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35 Yo Mom of Three Who Used to Wear Black Everywhere

It's only been 3 days and I'm still pretty swollen and tender to touch, but I don't care. Why is that? Because for the first time in my life my underarms are dry and odor free. Living in Texas this is a huge deal!!!! I used to wear black a lot and am so excited to be able to purchase colored... READ MORE

Results Better Than Expected! NO SWEAT.

My Motivation: With my body type, I tend to wear more form fitting clothing. I wear fitted dress shirts for my profession, often. The problem I had was that I had a tendency to sweat under my arms when outside in pretty much any weather, and this resulted in very obvious pit stains. MiraDry... READ MORE

Such a Relief - DRY.

Excessive underarm sweating was a real issue for me. My clothing was constantly wrecked, I was paranoid about smell, and nothing but a round of very expensive Botox every 6 months would prevent the constant wetness. The MiraDry procedure took perhaps 90 minutes from when I stepped through... READ MORE

DRY and HAPPY!!!!!!

I've had one treatment of Miradry by Dr. Aldo Guerra about 4 months ago and it works great!! I was always worried if I wore a tight shirt that everyone would see my wet underarms!!! It's so gross and embarrassing to say the least. The procedure was super easy and there was a little bruising,... READ MORE

28 Year Old Male, Professional, Tired of Ruined Shirts and Sweat - Naples, FL

I wouldn't consider myself and excessively sweaty person but this was much needed. The procedure was very simple and painless. If you think needles in your armpits are going to hurt it doesn't. I would compare it to a piercing. Some bruising, but little pain afterwords, just ICE ICE BABY! Very... READ MORE

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