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I'm 30 years old & Miradry is hopefully the answer! BC Canada

I have suffered excessive underarm swest since I was around 12. It only got worse as I got older and it would cause me to get andiety every time I planned to drive, work, go out with friends so much that I would actually sweat more, it became a sad vicious cycle that got to the point I avoid... READ MORE

MiraDry, Wish I Had Known About This Sooner! Trumbull, CT

Money so well spent! So happy that I treated myself to MiraDry. During my consultation, the process was explained in detail, and all of my questions were answered. As I researched further, my additional questions were promptly answered via email and phone. The procedure took less than an hour... READ MORE

33 yrs; 3 kids; medical assistant

Loved the place I went to for this procedure. The girls there are all so nice and attentive. Its been about 3 months and I still don't have to wear antiperspirant. The hair is still there though much less. But the experience was so nice. They have wine to offer which was great since I was so... READ MORE

Did It for Odor

I did Miradrcat level 4 on one armpit and level 5 on the other armpit...it worked for sweating but I did it more for odor... I seem to smell even after the procedure but I'm trying to see if antiperspirants make me smell more. When I'm home and don't wear any I don't smell but as soon as go out... READ MORE

Hubby & I Both Had & LOVE MiraDRY!! Changed Our Lives! Skokie, IL

The 1st 2 years of our marriage I thought my husband just loved black t-shirts... he hid his hyperhidrosis well! Long story short... he tried everything except surgery and miraDry has changed his life, can't say enough how much and how happy he is after suffering for so many years. I don't... READ MORE

Not Only Do I Perform the Procedure, but I'm Also a Patient! - Lakewood, CO

I am a physician in Lakewood, CO who performs the miraDry procedure, but hopefully that does not make my review overly biased in others' eyes. I feel like I can offer a unique perspective since I have undergone the procedure, and since I perform it personally and can relate what I have seen... READ MORE

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