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46 Years Old.

I was inspired by the possibility of never having to buy deodorant again and even minimizing the sweat. I was told by the doctor that it was safe and that I possibly would need two treatments but not for sure. I got the one treatment and about six months after my underarms started to develop... READ MORE

47 - San Diego, CA

I would not advise getting this procedure it only works temporarily and then everything goes back to normal again except for the damage it leaves behind I have developed cysts under both armpits after this procedure and they have swelled to the size of a nickel and are painful. The sweat never... READ MORE

Dont Sweat the Little Stuff!

Just like everyone else Im a sweater. My sweating started 30+ years ago. Im 46, so this battle is hopefully come to an end! Ive read alot of reviews the past couple of weeks before having miradry done. Ive gotten to the point that leaving the house was so scary, that I had to make excuses to not... READ MORE

After 30 Years of Never Ending Sweating, Took the Plunge - San Diego, CA

I started with hyperhidrosis at about 18 and it turned on like a light switch. It was at its worst up until about I turned 30 and then slowly started to subside since then. Now, I would describe myself as just always being damp and never dry, but not soaking shirts any longer. I would say by... READ MORE

Three Days out - Oklahoma City, OK

I am a 51 year old male. I have had trouble with excessive sweating since I was a teen. I have tried prescription deodorant, and taking prescription meds to completely stop sweating. While the meds did stop me from sweating under my arms, I stopped sweating all over as well. I knew this was... READ MORE

No Problem During the Procedure but Ouch!

I've followed the reviews regularly on this site and want to say thank you to everyone who's taken the time to post and update. Background: 51 yr old male with severe Hyperhidrosis since puberty. Had the procedure done on Tuesday at 3pm. The doctors office handled everything quick and... READ MORE

45-year Old Male with Some Sweating Issues - Newport Beach, CA

Over the last several years, I had been receiving injections of either Botox or Dysport to help with underarm sweating. It was never a major problem, but it was annoying enough that I often wore white shirts. The toxin injections required about 30 injections under each arm, which was... READ MORE

Miradry 2nd Treatment in 3 Months - Skokie, IL

Suffered from hyperhidrosis since 13 years old. I'm now 45. Symptoms, arm pit sweating after getting out of the shower, sweat rolling down side of body on cold days, when I wasn't even hot. Getting to work and being damp and never drying out until I got home and took a shower, ruining... READ MORE

45 Years Old - Should Have Done This Sooner! - Naples, FL

I had the miraDry procedure at Dr. Gulin's office. I didn't have a severe problem with sweating, but I really disliked the oder associated with sweating and working out. Ruth and Diana, the staff that performed the procedure, were very professional, gentle, informative, and comforting. Dr. Gulin... READ MORE

2 months post treatment and totally thrilled!

I have lived with this ridiculous condition for 30 years. Its hard to believe. I am a professional woman, and have spent thousands of dollars on ruined silk blouses, suits, you name it. When I saw MIraDry, I thought I'd see how it went and if others were happy. Had mine done yesterday and... READ MORE

Thank Goodness for MiraDry! - Green Bay, WI

I have had excessive sweating from my underarms since I was twelve, and I am now 48. I had looked into many different treatment possibilities and either nothing worked or it was too costly for something that was not permanent. miraDry is the answer! I had my first treatment 20 days ago and am... READ MORE

47 Year Old Mradry Experience - Phoenix, AZ

I had the Miradry procedure performed on 2/27/14 here in AZ. This was the first time. The facility says that about half are good to go after one round and don't come back for the second round. I will likely go back no matter what, just to be sure. The procedure is not all that comfortable. They... READ MORE

I Never "Rave" About a Product or Service . . . but in This Case . . . - Denver, CO

I'm an executive in my 50's. For over 30 years I had to deal with the embarrassment of underarm sweating; really bad. I couldn't take my jacket off or raise my arm in a meeting to do a white boarding session. I did the 2 recommended sessions. After the first session my sweating came back... READ MORE

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