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21 Years Old. Miradry Has Saved my Life - New Orleans, LA

This is going to be very long, so brace yourself. I just want to tell my story in full because I think it is important. When I was in sixth grade, I started sweating profusely from my armpits. I didn't know why, and it was embarrassing. I tried to ignore it, at first, but it soon proved... READ MORE

My Sweat Was Holding Me Back - Cincinnati, OH

Being a 21 year old it's frustrating to constantly be sweating. It doesn't matter it it's 5 degrees out my under arms will be sweating. I have dealt with this since high school, and saw this treatment on Dr. Oz and researched it before making an appointment with a doctor. In a matter of days I... READ MORE

23 Female

I wanted the Mira dry do to the fact I had excessive underarm sweating. Not only that I had a Oder and it caused a smell not like bo it caused headaches and nausea. Now that I am in the second day I can't put my arms down I feel like I have gulf balls under my arms it's extremely swollen. I have... READ MORE

Second treatment on Level 5 and Quite a Lot of Pain and Discomfort

So I have finally had the Miradry procedure done at the age of 22. Started sweating a lot at the age of 14-15. I tried pretty much all of the recommended antiperspirants for excessive sweating with loads of aluminum, all of the overnight aluminum chlorides such as Odaban, Sweatblock, Certain... READ MORE

Hope This is the Cure!

I have had hyperhidrosis since I was born (I recently turned 20.) I have been told I have very severe hyperhidrosis: underarms, hands, feet, groin, and legs. I'm glad my parents said no when I asked for ETS surgery in middle school, as I have heard bad things about it. After years of telling me... READ MORE

24 Y/o with Hyperhidrosis, Works with a DR That Performs MiraDry - New York

I have been suffering with Hyperhidrosis from the age of 10. Like most of you it has been a horrible experience. As I got older i learned that hyper has a lot to do with anxiety. The more you think of it the more you may sweat. I am lucky enough to work with a surgeon who also specializes in... READ MORE

Miradry Experience - Leawood, KS

I'm a 19 years old female who has been suffering from excessive underarm sweating since 6th grade and that's not even the worst part. Because of this 24/7 underarm sweating I have a body odor. Even if it's snowing outside and I'm just sitting doing nothing I still sweat profusely. Hold on I know... READ MORE

22 Years, Dry so far.. New York, NY

Hey, well I just got my procedure done today and Im in pain & I don't know what to expected. So as many of the people here, I read many reviews before taking the next step which was getting the procedure done. Before I couldn't wear any other color other than black or no sleeves. Im so... READ MORE

MiraDry: I Hope It Works! - Panama City, FL

Hello my name is Jennifer. I have been suffering from hyperhidrosis since 5th grade, and I am 22 right now. I can't wear shirts with sleeves, and if I do I have to bring a jacket, or make sure I wear black shirts. I sweat constantly. The only time I don't is when I just relaxing at home. I can't... READ MORE

24 Year Old with Excessive Sweating - Sunset Beach, CA

Okay, I just had the miraDry procedure done, so far so good! After reading a lot of peoples reviews I was so nervous, but once I got there and they started prepping me going through everything again with me I started to relax. The shots were honestly the only thing that hurt but once it started... READ MORE

19 Years Old - New York, NY

It's been a month that I had miradry .yeah it does great work but I'm having a side effect of it , my left hand is still numb tight and itchy. I don't know how long it will be but afraid that nothing get worse ...So did u have the Same thing as I'm having. ? Well I'm so afraid that nothing... READ MORE

20 Years Old College Student - Atlanta, GA

I went to get Mira dry at dermatology associates of Atlanta with Mara Grosswald, we did two procedures and it was the best decision of my life. I used to never wear anything besides white cotton shirts and now I don't sweat at all. I also have much less hair on my armpits and really only wear... READ MORE

18 Years Old, Suffering for Hyperhidrosis for 6 Years Now - Beachwood, OH

Accidentally clicked out of my review while I was in the middle of writing it so this one is going to be more concise. I've suffered from Hyperhidrosis for 6 years now and finally decided to see doctors and get diagnosed with it. After doing my research, like many of you, I realized there are... READ MORE

Mira Dry Treatment Level 5 - Roseville, CA

A little bit about myself i am a 20 year old male, very active i go to school, work, and go to the gym 4-5 times out of the week. Like most, I've struggled with uncontrollable sweaty armpits and couldn't take it anymore.....I would sweat no matter the temperature hot or cold i would have big... READ MORE

24 Year Old Guy - Ankeny, IA

Been experiencing severe sweating since I was 14 - made me the most self conscious person ever. Experimented with other treatments (Botox, drysol, etc.) and just wasn't satisfied with the non-permanent nature of these treatments. Had MiraDry done 12/23 in Ankeny, Iowa. For the next several days,... READ MORE

22 Years Old Female, Mira Dry Treatment! - Boca Raton, FL

Like most of you, we’ve all experienced having our favorite shirt ruined by white marks from our deodorant. Or even the smell from our arm pits stained into a silk blouse regardless of how much we may wash it. Fortunately I do not suffer from hyperhidrosis, but I do suffer from the everyday w... READ MORE

22 Year in the Work World - Atlanta, GA

The reason I got this was because I was always sweating so much. It didn't matter what I did. I had big sweat stains on my shirts. Eventually all my shirts are stained and I can not get them out. Now it is fixed. I no longer sweat under my arm pits at all. Thereally are so many pros but the only... READ MORE

21 Year Old W/ Hx of 7 Years of Excessive Sweating. Fenton, MI

Okay so I got the procedure done 3 days ago and like many of you said it was a bit uncomfortable but had to be done. Swelling was bad first/second day. But was slowly decreasing. On day 2 i realized my left forearm was swelling and my chest (sternum) was also swollen. I was warned of the... READ MORE

Hyperhidrosis is the PITS. - Mount Laurel, NJ

I am writing this review with frozen water bottles stuck up under my arms. I am 24 years old and I had my 1st Miradry treatment today in (obviously) the underarm area. Ive been suffering with Hyhi for about 10 years now. Only in the armpit area. I have suspected I have it on my back and groin... READ MORE

MiraDry the Best Thing Since...- Austin, TX

I had this procedure done today. I am 24 years old and have been a heavy sweater since I was about 15 it really sucked having to wear black and being embarrassed about the heavy sweating everyday of my life. I now feel like I can truly express myself in my clothing choices without being afraid... READ MORE

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