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MIRADRY Review from Winnipeg MB

Hey guys I will try to make this as quick as possible :) I have had hyperhidrosis my whole life, under my arms. I remember it affecting me as far back as grade 7, playing basketball in the gym at school in a grey tee shirt before class. I knew I was going to accumulate huge sweat stains but... READ MORE

No More Wet Underarms! - Los Gatos, CA

I am a 27 years old female asian and I weigh about 115, 5'3. Prior to my decision to try miraDry, my body gets hot easily and during the summer I tend to sweat more than a normal person who doesn't easily get warm. Therefore, my underarms tend to be moister in the summer, and sometimes wet if... READ MORE

So Happy I Discovered MiraDry! - Palo Alto, CA

I have struggled since I was a teenager with pit stains and embarrassing sweating. I have never been able to wear bright colors for fear that I will have a wet armpit for the world to see. I have done Botox to the arm pits a few times, which works but it is very expensive, painful and only... READ MORE

28yo, Hyderhydrosis for 15 Years. Westport, CT

I suffered from hyperhidrosis most of my life. I've tried every over-the-counter deodorant every prescription strength deodorant and thought about Botox. Botox injections were going to cost me an arm and a leg and that's when I found Mira dry. I went to Westport dermatology today for the... READ MORE

Still No Sweat in Palo Alto - Thank You Miradry and Dr. W! - Palo Alto, CA

As a petite young professional, I don't think anyone ever noticed how much I sweat (or stank) in stressful work situations. But at presentations big or small, interviews, performance reviews, even the occasional conference call, I could feel my armpits turning into a wet mess. I've tried all... READ MORE

Persistent Sweating and Odor. Pasadena, CA

I have been suffering from hyperhydrosis since I was 12 years old. I remember it vividly and also being so ashamed and embarrassed. As an adult, I never wear anything without a coat, blazer or dark colored sweater and I live in the Inland Empire where temperatures reach upwards of 105 degrees... READ MORE

28 Year Old Sweat Free!!!!! - Cincinnati, OH

I am a very active 28 year old and have suffered with severe underarm perspiration since I was a teenager. I changed dress shirts 2-3 times during my work shifts, and my t-shirts were always a mess. Dr. Mendelsohn met with me to review the procedure and gave me realistic expectations on... READ MORE

Worth Every Penny - Hackensack, NJ

I was on this site the night before my procedure freaking myself out. Turns out there was NOTHING to be worried about. The 30-40 shots in my armpits was not pleasent but nothing that terrible. You're totally numb for the whole thing. I even had a medical student do the procedure and I didn't... READ MORE

Long Term Solution - San Jose, CA

I just finished my 2nd miraDry treatment! I have done Botox injections for 5 years or so to stop the sweating under my arms. I was ready for something a little more long term. I heard about miraDry at my Dermatologist office. He said it was a new treatment that would provide me long term... READ MORE

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