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2 weeks post-op + miraDry

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Disappointed I'll Need a 2nd Treatment - Trumbull, CT

I decided to pursue MiraDry and suffering years of excessive sweating. I am in a very public profession and honestly sick of always wearing black. The sweating was not constant, but enough where I felt like it impacted my confidence in certain environments. I've tried drysol, as well as one... READ MORE

21 Years Old. Miradry Has Saved my Life - New Orleans, LA

This is going to be very long, so brace yourself. I just want to tell my story in full because I think it is important. When I was in sixth grade, I started sweating profusely from my armpits. I didn't know why, and it was embarrassing. I tried to ignore it, at first, but it soon proved... READ MORE

Miradry Really Works - Baton Rouge, LA

I recently had a new procedure at work. It is called Miradry. Basically, I takes away underarm sweat, and odor. ( and a little lagniappe is that I will not have hair under my arms.) I no longer have to wear deodorant. I went to my Mom and Dads this weekend to help build my father a screened in... READ MORE

MiraDry Was the Best Thing That Has Ever Happened to Me! - Wellesley, MA

I've been getting medical botox in my under arms for the past few years, which has worked great, but when the option of mirDry was offered to me, I thought I might as well fix the problem for good rather than for 6 month intervals. I had the miraDry treatment 2 weeks ago and couldn't be happier... READ MORE

55-year Old Male - Easy Procedure - Miradry is Amazing! - Norwell, MA

After decades of daily heavy underarm sweating, I can now go with just a small amount of deodorant on workdays, and even just a little or none on the weekend. No more daily wet underarms and shirts. This is everything I had hoped it would be, now that it's two weeks after having the procedure... READ MORE

MiraDry the Miracle - Austin, TX

MiraDry the miracle! Seriously! I’ve never had the issue of sweating through my shirts, huge rings .. none of that. On the other hand, if I were to get the least bit warm I would notice some body odor. I would not go anywhere without reapplying deodorant. As soon as I got out of the shower, d... READ MORE

MiraDry Experience - Sugar Land, TX

I am very happy I chose to do the MiraDry procedure with Dr. Ravi. I no longer have any sweating or odor in my armpits and I also no longer have to wear deodorant! The procedure was virtually painless and I was able to return to work the same day. I would definitely recommend this procedure to... READ MORE

MiraDry and Dr. Weintraub Are Fabulous! - Palo Alto, CA

I saw both Dr. Weintraub and Dr. Lim for my consult and not only were they very nice and courteous but very knowledgeable and non pressuring. After my procedure the pain was super minimal and was able to goto work the next day. It has been about two weeks and I am very happy and pleased with my... READ MORE

Two Weeks in - Hopeful but Still Not Sure - Austin, TX

The first time I remember being embarassed by huge sweat stains on my clothing was when I was 14. I sweat a great deal all over - but the armpit sweat is the most embarassing. And, I sweat when it is hot AND when I'm nervous . . . so it is definitely a year-around issue for me. I typically... READ MORE

Not Worried About Sweating All the Time Anymore! - Toronto, ON

I had an amazing experience doing MiraDry for the first time. I'm not an excessive sweater but I wanted the sweat and hair gone, especially on hot days or when working out. I love the feeling of wearing what I want when I want and not being worried about sweat stains. It was absolutely pain... READ MORE

Did It for Odor

I did Miradrcat level 4 on one armpit and level 5 on the other armpit...it worked for sweating but I did it more for odor... I seem to smell even after the procedure but I'm trying to see if antiperspirants make me smell more. When I'm home and don't wear any I don't smell but as soon as go out... READ MORE

Mira Dry - Springfield, MO

I had the Mira Dry treatment done a little over 3 weeks ago. Since then I have not had to use any deodorant, and my shaving has been cut to a minimum(about once a week). The procedure itself was virtually painless. The most uncomfortable part was having my arms above my head for so long. It... READ MORE

So Far So Good! - Fort Worth, TX

It's been a week and a half since my first treatment. The actual treatment was not as bad as I thought it would be. The thought of numerous shots scared me, but they are small needles and don't seem to go in very deep. The rest was a breeze. Recovery was also not as bad as I anticipated. I iced... READ MORE

Sweat Free with Mira Dry! - Wayne, NJ

I have suffered with hyperhidrosis (excessive under arm sweating) forever. This condition has caused must embarrassment. The added expenses of prescription antiperspirants and extra clothes from ruining the armpits was just another hassle. I learned about Miradry and couldn't wait to try it! ... READ MORE

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