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Love My MiraDry Results - El Paso, TX

Miradry has changed my life! I am 33 years old and have suffered from hyperhidrosis my entire life. Even on a cold winter day my armpits would sweat like crazy. My closet consisted of dark loose tops to hide the sweat and I was not able to wear white shirts because they would be left with yellow... READ MORE

MiraDry - Sugar Land, TX

I had the miraDry procedure done exactly one month ago today. I was given information about it from my ps and decided to give it a try. So upon hearing about the great benefits of not having to sweat under my arms and the possibility of hair loss there I was still a little skeptical. So I went... READ MORE

Hyperhidrosis NO MORE!! - Trumbull, CT

I have always been self conscious of my sweating, many shirts ruined and every prescription deodorant tried. I even tried injections and nothing worked. Once I heard about miraDry I decided it was worth a shot. I'm glad I did because I could not be happier! After a simple in office procedure I... READ MORE

Beat That Underarm Sweat! - San Antonio, TX

Although I never struggled with excessive underarm sweating, I was so tired of feeling self-conscious any time I wore a tank top or dress. Undergoing the miraDry procedure has already changed my life and its only been 1 month! I can wear tank tops, dresses, and bikinis without having to worry... READ MORE

No more sweating :)

This is coming from someone who is a huge skeptic on any cosmetic procedure. If you're debating on whether or not to go through with Miradry, I highly recommend it. My pain level during that hour of treatment was about a 2/10. The results were instant. There's no down time & I was at work... READ MORE

I Recommend Dr. Zeidler & Her Wonderful Team! - MiraDry - Campbell, CA

I had an amazing experience at Dr. Zeidler's practice while having my MiraDry treatment. Elaina has the best technique, informed me about what she was doing during the entire treatment and made me feel really comfortable! I was in and out after about an hour and went back to my daily routine. I... READ MORE

Excessive Sweating -- Miradry is the Answer! - Austin, TX

From the very first time I heard about the MiraDry procedure on the radio I told myself that I needed to do some research and consider having the procedure done. I have lived with insecurities of hyperhidrosis since I was in middle school and the degree of sweating has continually increased... READ MORE

Miradry Sadness - New York

I decided to do procedure. Although I know that I might need two more , I was expecting more...I've had excessive sweating since 8yrs through adulthood. .I was hoping I could finally stop dressing like I only receive funeral invites. after a burn, excessive itching, and sweating more idk... READ MORE

"MiraDry Best Choice Ever!" - Rockwall, TX

MiraDry helped me immensely , I used to have a foul odor in my underarms if I forgot to put deodorant on, we all have a busy life and I'm sure many can relate! The MiraDry procedure made that all better no more odor and no more hair!! I loved that the procedure didn't take very long, I... READ MORE

Worried It Didn't Work - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I have been suffering from hyperhidrosis since my early teens. Pretty much the same story as anyone else. So I had the Miradry procedure performed about a month ago. I am not happy at all. I did level 5. I hoped to see at least a 50% in sweat reduction. Most reviews claim either zero sweat or... READ MORE

EASY and IMMEDIATE with MiraDry - Houston, TX

No more sweat and odor after 1 treatment, who wouldn't want this! I had the treatment in the afternoon and was playing with the kids that night and working in the backyard the following day. It was easy and left me never having to worry about deodorant or those annoying sweat stains following... READ MORE

39, and Hyperhydrosis - Atlanta, GA

My sister recently underwent a surgical procedure for hyperhydrosis, it worked but not without complications. I noticed that I have sweating of the hands but in recent years, my underarms got worse. So bad I couldn't wear anything that buttoned or a t shirt. Dolman sleeve was my friend. I found... READ MORE

Seattle Skin and Laser - Seattle, WA

I had the Mira Dry procedure done at Seattle Skin and Laser just short of a month ago and would highly recommend this location and the procedure for those who suffer from chronic underarm sweating. I had the first procedure done at an alternative location, thou shall not be named, and had an... READ MORE

Words Can Hardly Describe the Feeling....Denver, CO

I'm 28 years old and have suffered from hyperhydrosis for the last 14 years. It seemed hard enough being a teenager, and this was one more thing to add to my insecurities. Through these years, there wasn't a moment in the day that I wouldn't think about how much I was sweating....and that seemed... READ MORE

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