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Is there any medication beside Motrin to help with the lumps under my arm after Miradry procedure?

I had the Miradry procedure for severe underarm odor on January 17th. Not because of sweating so much. I have seen a 60% difference but now I have... READ MORE

Lumps under arms haven't gone away after miradry procedure. Should I be concerned/worried?

I had miradry (level 5) on july 1st. The girl who did it was being trained and i was only like her 5th person she has done. I was a little sore the... READ MORE

Lumps two months after miradry? (photos)

I had miradry two months ago. My right under arm still has lumps that are painful. They almost seem like they have fluid in them. Tonight I squeezed... READ MORE

What would i need to do to get rid of my hyperhidrosis or Excessive sweating permanently in face and underarms?

This is a very big struggle for my ive had this since i was a freshman in high school. One year i went to the MD and she prescribed me some... READ MORE

What can I do for excessive underarm sweating?

Excessive underarm sweating.what should i do? READ MORE

Miradry question 2.

If sweat is sweat then what's the advantage to eliminating the underarm glands if the rest of the body will simply sweat that much more everywhere... READ MORE

Miradry for body odor?

I just had Miradry first treatment last week. After a week, I noticed the sweat really reduce, but the body odor underarms still strong. I was worried... READ MORE

When will the effect of Miradry start to work?

I've just done my first Miradry treatment 2 days ago and I still feel damp in my underarm. When will the effect start to kick in? READ MORE

What age do you have to be to get the miradry? And does any insurance cover it?

I'm 16 years old and tend to mostly sweat underarms and my back no matter what weather it is...and this gets embarrassing READ MORE

Will underarms look the same as prior to miradry after the procedure?

I am wondering if my arm pits will return to the same appearance as they did before miradry or will they always have a bumpy or different look READ MORE

Could me hyperhidrosis be related to my urinary incontinence and is there a combined treatment?

I have a problem with excess sweating, mainly my underarms but it gets pretty bad on my hands and face at times too. I have had it since I was about... READ MORE

Treatment for Bromhidrosis in underarms and groin area

After a lot of research and visits to multiple dermatologists I was recently told I have Bromhidrosis. This condition had huge impact on my social... READ MORE

How can I get rid of underarm discoloration after miraDry treatment? (Photo)

I had Miradry done a month ago. Unfortunately it caused my underarm area to be very very dark. I am Asian and my underarm used to be a shade darker... READ MORE

How does removal of armpit sweat glances work?

I used to get botox to stop the extreme sweating under my arms. I cannot wear anything with sleeves even if its winter thats how bad I sweat and... READ MORE

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